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Athlete Spotlight: Andrew Evans

memorial day murph 2016

memorial day murph 2016

Andrew Evans, the owner of The BBQ Joint (which has totally awesome delicious food!), has been making CrossFit a part of his fitness plan since 2013.

What brought you to CrossFit?

     I came to CrossFit because Leah would come in and buy Brisket and Collards at The BBQ Joint and bug me about coming into the gym. I also catered a cross fit games at the gym. I just decided one day to join--that was late summer 2013. I loved it and it helped with my confidence on Beat Bobby Flay, but alas I stopped coming for two years while opening up two more BBQ locations blah blah.

What are your goals?

     My goals are simple, get fit to the best of my ability without injury, lose the flab and maintain the fitness. Getting back into the gym seriously since the end of March to prepare for my upcoming wedding "groom bod" has been the motivating factor, but not the end goal. It's so hard to get going and so easy to stop. That is the hardest goal to work on--consistency!!!!

What is the biggest accomplishment that you have achieved so far?

     Hands down completing the Murph workout this past Memorial Day. I thought it was only 300 sit ups, 100 pull ups and a 2 mile run. It helps not to know the workout!!! I did the workout thanks to all of the support from fellow gym mates and trainer Erin without a single modification. I never would have thought that was possible just a couple of weeks ago.

What would you miss the most about us if we weren’t part of your fitness routine?

     I would miss the community that forms the support and camaraderie of coming to the gym. I really enjoy everybody--it's an accountable vibe, while friendly and supportive. We help each other push through the sometimes seemingly impossible work outs!

What do you say about all those who think CrossFit is dangerous?

     Crossfit is challenging and certainly not for everybody. It's athletic and requires a certain level of fitness to complete the workouts. I have not been injured because of two important things. I listen to the excellent trainers and work on proper technique. I only lift the amount of weight I can do while maintaining proper technique. I also built up the weight slowly gaining strength thus the ability to lift more and especially core strength which is necessary for proper technique. It's a work in progress. I also listen to my body. If I'm not feeling it or just plain too sore, I skip that day and go the next day. These two rules have not failed me yet and I enjoy a level of fitness I have not had since high school and college.