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Warm up:  
Tabata intervals 4 rounds at the rower before rotating all the other moves for 4 cycles:
Row, KBS, push up, air squat, burpee

Met Con:
4x 4:00 AMRAP: 
1 Rope Climb
12 Medicine Ball Cleans, 
20 lbs 12 Box Jumps, 24 in
12 Row Calories
Resting 3 mins between each AMRAP.

Skill work:
The Barbell Snatch:  Burgener warm up with PVC or weight of choice


Warm up:  500m Row,  Banded Monster Squat Walks in a square,  Spiderman Lunges, 25 KBS,  20 walking lunges

Skill:  Back Squat 5 minute instruction/review

Met Con:
20 Back squats
Then 4 rounds of:
40’ OH plate lunge
200m Row
40’ OH plate lunge
10 db or bb strict press (65/95)  (db as able)

EMOM:  10 KBS and Plank


Warm up: Run Row 200m, Bear crawl, then as a group Burgener Warm up for the clean

Skill:  The Clean
Perform EMOM  1 Hang power clean and 1 Front squat, building weight as able for 15 minutes

Met Con:  5rft  
15 HPC
20 burpees over the bar
25 sit ups

Warm up/Work out  First 2 rounds at warm up pace, then last 3 rounds at met con pace
200m Row or run
10 burpees
12 wall balls
14 med ball cleans
16 med ball slams

Skill:  Power snatch:  Dip, Zip, Flip

Skill work, EMOM x 20
1.  Box Jumps x10
2.  Power Snatch x 8
3.  Farmer carry 100’
4.  Sandbag get ups for the minute

Friday Partner Workout
Warm up:  coach’s choice

Working in teams of 3
100 wall balls
100 calorie Row
100 kbs
200 sit ups
200 DUs
200 walking lunges
400m Farmer Carry every body goes, one person carries at a time. 


Learn your lifts:

Front squat,  Bench, Deadift:

Front Squat/Pull up:  5x8 each,  superset

Bench/Pendlay Row:  5x8 each, superset

Deadlift/Rest 5x8, lift e2m

Met con:  4x400m run

Clean deadlift:  10x 2 EMOM,  60%    

Power clean
Warm up sets:  5@50%, 5@60%  
3 reps at each percentage 70-75-80.  Do this for 5 sets (9 reps per set)
 EMOM: 1 push press, 1 push jerk, 1 split jerk  15 sets. 
Met Con:  5 rounds, 2 minute rest between rounds
10 box jumps
10 kbs
10 ttb






Easton Personal Training Gym and Nutrition Coaching, Balanced Habits, CrossFit Workouts



Warm up:  200m Row,  Bear Crawl, inchworm, squat walks, Then  5 bear complexes and a 30s Handstand hold x5

Strength Couplet:   Push Press and Pull ups
EMOM 5x5 Perform 5 pull ups or 5 push presses (80ish percent of 1rm or build)  If you can do 5 pull ups with ease, please weight them.   (set clock for 10 minutes)  Take several minutes to work up to your working Push press set

Strength 2:  Back squats
Perform 2 back squats every 2 minutes, building to a 2RM or a possible new 1 RM

Met Con
10 minutes 45s work, 15s rest
Ball Slam, Row for calories…Score is total calories. 


Warm up:  
Row 400m
3 rounds with empty barbell
5 deadlifts
5 muscle cleans
5 push press
5 back squats
5 good mornings

Complex:  AMRAP 20:  (135/95)
Power Clean
Front Squat
2 Stepping Lunges
1 push jerk

Met Con:
3rft of 200m Run 7 Chest to bar pull ups,  7 thrusters (65/95)


Warm up:  400m Row, then 20s Work 10s Rest of:  air squat, sit up, push up, strict pull ups  (8 min)

Front Squat:  (find 2 rep max for the day, possibly a new 1rm)  

Met Con:  3 rounds for time
20 Push ups
30 Cal Row
40 DU’s

Then, after last set 50 Vups

Bootcamp:  4 rounds of 500m row,  40 squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups 10 pull ups


Warm up:  
Row 400m
Bear crawl, spider man, burpee tuck jumps (down and back with all movements)

40 Jumping pull ups
40 Box Jumps
30 Ring rows
30 Box jumps
20 Pull ups
20 BJ
10 strict pull ups
10 burpee box jump overs

Rest, then 1k row benchmark

3x10 BB roll outs

Boot Camp:  AMRAP 30:  10 reps each, rotating:  Box jumps, Ring rows, Wallking lunges, push up, barbell back squat (PYOW),  DB push press


Friday:  17.5

Saturday TBA

EMOM:  alternate:  10 banded goodmornings, 10 banded kbs

Power clean
Warm up sets:  5@50%, 5@60%  3 reps at each percentage 65-70-75.  Do this for 5 sets (9 reps per set)

 EMOM:  1 Snatch Balance 1 OHS,  building

Met Con:  5 rounds for time of:  
Empty barbell jumping squats x10
Burpee over the bar x8
Jumping lunges (plyo) x 6 (if you step, use dbs)



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