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Do I have to be in shape to start? A fitness tip from Susan!

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Susan came to us "in the worst shape of (her) life."  As a former athlete, she knew what to do, but needed the extra something that Nation has to get back in shape.  She decided to "give it a shot."  And never left. 

We asked what's different here?

The camaraderie--you look forward to seeing everyone here.  Everyday is  different.  Machines are all the same. There's such support from other people.  You have a trainer with you every single day.  They motivate and correct so you can see if you have improper technique.  

(This is what group training is all about--working with a coach)

What would you say to those who ask about it?

1. You don't have to be in shape. It's kinda the idea of coming here--to get in shape. 

2. You might see CrossFit on TV and these off the chart people, but don't think that's all that's here--you'll be shocked.  There are normal looking people!  I think is so great because it's such a variety of people. You do what you can, the weight you can. I can't do what some of these people do.  Your trainers modify it for you.  (that's our job!!)

and.... to anybody out there who wants to try??

"You're a fool if you don't!"

That's our Susan!!  CrossFit On!


Crossfit Gym Easton MD, Group Training Workouts and Boot Camp

Found this one in the archives :)  

Found this one in the archives :)  

Notes on the upcoming programming:  We will be performing strength couplets for several cycles.  Each couplet requires a 10 minute warm up to get to your working weight.  Please keep track of how much you lift.  We will be doing sets of 8, 6, 4, and 2.  You will also see progressions for HSPU, Pull ups, muscle ups and other gymnastic work.  Stick to your progression to be the most successful in your endeavor.


NEW CLASS TIME!!!!  We begin our evening session at 5:15, Boot Camp begins at 6:15, ending at 7.  Teen classes remain unchanged, 6-7pm



Warm up:   500 m row, then 2 min of Bear complex with PVC,  5 minutes with empty bar.

Strength Couplet (approx. 10 min to warm to working weight)

Perform each movement on the minute, as a superset

Back Squat 5x4

Strict Press 5x4

Lift as heavy as possible for each set.

may choose DB or BB strict press or KB press (KB rack is HARDER)



25 kbs, 

15 jumping lunges,

10 power cleans  (205/135) 

Boot Camp:  5 rounds, not for time of 4 back squats, 4 DB Presses, 15 Ring rows. Work as heavy as possible in the lifts. 

Conditioning:  same as above


Warm up:  Row 250, then. 5 minutes shoulder mobility (trainer's choice)  6 min AMRAP:  5 single arm db thrusters (each side), 10 KBS,  40' walking lunges.  


12 min AMRAP:  10 kbs, 10 burpees,  (35/55)

 Strength 1:

20 TGU, ahap, building. 

Progression:  Single arm OH sit up.  If you do not have the mobility to peform the single arm version, then20 weighted situps and 20 weighted lunges (db in each hand) will do the trick. 

 Strength 2:

EMOM, alternating movements for a total of 10 sets:

5 strict HSPU, 3 MU. 

keep your progression--  for MU:  dip/RR,  ring push up/ Ring Row,  transition in band, transition no band, MU

Boot Camp:  Conditioning is the same.  Strength work:  5 single arm OH situps each arm,  10 push ups, 15 bent over rows,  5 rounds, not for time.


Warm up:  

Row 200m.  then:  3 rounds with empty barbell 5 deadlifts 5 muscle cleans 5 push press 5 back squats 5 good mornings


Couplet:  7 min AMRAP: 

3 Deadlifts (50% 1rm),  3 push ups, add 3 reps each round

regression:  plank push up elevated

progression:  wear a vest


100 ab mat situps for time

Odd object work:

Front Rack KB carry, Farmer Carry (40ft) 

1 arm OH lunge 40'. 

3 sets, rest as needed. 

You will carry one of each—one hand will have farmer carry, the other a front rack, switch on the way back. 

One set is mixed carry each way, OH carry each way, switching arms every 40’

If you have a sore back, perform double front rack or double farmer, to evenly load. 

NO arching the low back!

Boot Camp:  5 rounds for time:  10 deadlifts (light)  12 box jumps, 14 weighted sit ups

Odd object carry --same as above


Warm Up:  3 rounds  jog, bike, or row 1 minute   Burgener warm up with empty bar


Olympic Lifting

Clean Pull

2 EMOM,  building to 100% of clean (as long as markers are met --bar to hip, shrug, triple extension)

EMOM 1: 10 sets :  1 hang clean, 1 clean

 Boot Camp:  5 rounds for time:  10 deadlifts (light)  12 box jumps, 14 weighted sit ups

EMOM 2:  10 sets:  Jerk complex with bar only (one movement each): 


AMRAP 7 30 Dus 12 wall balls

A note on the Oly work:  weight as able,  focus mainly on good technique.  Even if you usually take this as a rest day,  come in and make it active rest with light weight or PVC. 




WArm up:  Tabata burpee, wall ball, ball slam, air squat

Strength Triplet,

Perform each movement on the minute, as a superset(clock set for 15 minutes)

Bench Press 5x4, AHAP each set

Front Squat 5x 4, AHAP each set   

Kipping pull up progression:  Lat pull (bodyweight),  beat swings,  kipping pull up x5,  ctb kipping)  Keep GOOD hollow body position. 


Tabatas:  Bottom to bottom air squat (stop and rest at the bottom of an ACTIVE squat),  tabata burpee, 8 sets each, do not alternate.

Boot Camp:  AMRAP 20  5 Bench Press,  15 goblet squat, 250m Row

Tabata squats


WArm up:  Row 200m.  then:  3 rounds with empty barbell 5 deadlifts 5 muscle cleans 5 push press 5 back squats 5 good mornings

Strength Couplet:

Perform each movement on the minute, as a superset4 Deadlifts,

4 OHS, weight as heavy as possible for each set. 


10 DB thrusters (may use KBs or barbell if needed),  12 cal row,  40' broad jump.  3-5 rounds (you choose how you feel)




3 rft15 GHD, 1 rope climb, 20 pistols (alt)


EMOM 20:

Cartwheel, practice for the minute left and right

headstand holds, practice for the minute

false grip RR,  10 reps

box jumps, for max height. 

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