Easton Gym's 3 Quick Tips to Kickstart your Weight Loss

tips for weight loss

The diet industry is EIGHT BILLION dollars strong.  What does that really mean?  It means that the powers that be want you to fail, to be unsuccessful in your fitness journey.  Hey, they'll make more money, right?  Does that not make you mad? I have five children and the struggle to eat well is very real. It truly saddens me that we are all so busy and feed our kids so much fast food.  They have the same taste buds as you and I have, so feed them well.  


Here are three easy things you can do right now to begin your fitness journey and keep your family healthy. 

1.  Eat real food

    Not as simple as it seems, perhaps.  But you must refrain from eating out of boxes. Get a       rotisserie chicken to keep on hand--freeze it. Thaw, add veggies, done. Now you never     need to order pizza. 

2.  Pack your lunch.  

    Just eat leftovers from last night.  Don't like leftovers?  Make 2 meals at dinner time.  Eat     one, save one. Make a double batch of both.  Bye, bye fast food!!

3.  Use measuring cups and a scale to portion out food.  

    We keep a 1/2 cup measuring cup in the Cheerios so that my 8-year-old knows how much     he can have.  Remember that 3 ounces of meat is a full portion size of protein for most     women, and 4 ounces is pretty good for most men. A kitchen scale is easy to keep on the     counter.  But, you must use it.  

As a personal trainer and mom, I just have such a hard time seeing all of the junk we put into our bodies.  Truly, it pains me! There are real options out there and people to help you get started or even coach you all the way to a new lifestyle. I help people lose weight all the time and it all starts by changing your habits. And planning ahead. Must plan ahead. God gave you one and only one body, so feed it well. 

Now you have three ways to start!