Crossfit Post 40: Do I have to be in shape to do this?

So you want to know if you have to be in shape to do Crossfit? The short answer:  Yes! 

The following shapes qualify:

·         Pear

·         Round

·         Diamond

·         Skinny

·         Fat

·         Wide

·         Narrow

·         Curvy

·         straight

In our gym, it’s your trainer’s job to make sure that you can perform the movements that are in the daily workout. At your level, with your current body.  No one, absolutely NO ONE is left on their own to figure it all out.  Each workout is a guideline that your trainer uses to fit to exactly what you need to do for your ability level.  This is a community and you belong.

And yes, you have a trainer.

No one knows better than me that not every body is built the same.  We all have considerations and need to be cared for.  (Stay tuned for my story:  40+ mom of 5 with orthopedic issues—yeah, Crossfit is my sanity)

So what if your cardio sucks So what if you have trouble touching your toes    So what if you have very little strength.  It’s all an opportunity to get better and better.

(((Start NOW)))

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