CrossFit in Easton MD, Nutrition and Weight Loss 20171113

Easton Gym fitness


Warm up:

3 rounds:
15 front squats (air, goblet, then for round 3 barbell)
10 light kb swings
5 inch worms
30s handstand hold

Technique: KB snatch


20 min EMOM:
0:00-4:00 9 x reps @ 45%
4:00-8:00 7 x reps @ 55%
8:00-12:00 5 x reps @ 75%
12:00-16:00 3 x reps @ 85%
16:00-20:00 find heaviest 1RM for today"


30 kb one arm snatch 53/35lb*
60 Double Unders
*finish 15 reps on one side before moving on to the other


WArm up: 3 sets: Bike 1 minutes, 5 db presses, 15 clamshells each side then KB snatch technique with class. You will perform a "dead snatch" with no swing or may be able to do the swing snatch from chair

on the minute
hip thrusts:
1-4 9 reps
5-8 7 reps
9-12 5 reps
13-17 3 reps
16-20 1 rep for 30S or max effort hold

Increase weight. Use a barbell.

Met Con:
3 rounds for time
30 kb snatch or DB snatch, alternating arms
15 calorie bike


200m jog, followed by
5 min AMRAP:
2 strict TTB
5 push ups
10 air squats
15 sit Ups


EMOM 10 minutes:
1 clean pull (1 +2) then slow lower to just above knee for hang power clean. Ascending in weight. Think about where you want to end up and back your starting weight up from there.


 250m row
20 Power Cleans 135/95lbs
20 T2B
500m row
15 Power Cleans
15 T2B
1000m row
10 Power Cleans
10 T2B



Back squat, bent over row, Floor press with empty barbell
Perform spider man lunge stretch between sets

Strength Couplet:

Sumo deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 reps, building
Bench press 5-5-3-3-3reps building starting at 75%

Scored on loads

3 RFT:
400m run
21 KB swings 53/35lb
12 pull ups



200m jog, then:
3 Rounds:
10 PVC dislocates
10 pvc OHS
8 walking spiderman lunges
6 burpees

Running Clock

7 min AMRAP
7 OHS 45/65
200m run
rest 5 minutes
4 RFT:
30 abmat sit ups or GHD
16 walking lunges (unweighted)
-- rest 5 mins --
9 min AMRAP:
9 wall balls 20/14lb
6 burpees to 6" target


Warm up 1 minute bike
10 PVC dislocates
10 BTN PVC presses
10 wall balls
3 rounds

7 min AMRAP
7 Seated row
10 cal bike
REST 5 min
30 sit ups
16 floor to box
REST 5 min
9 min amrap
9 wall bals
6 push ups



2 min cardio
Theraband: external rotation, draw the sword, under butt front raise, pull downs, 8 each

5 minutes bear complex, then technique work for split jerk

Pressing Complex

Thruster / push press / push jerk / split jerk 1 rep every 90s for 10 sets, build weight, Rx starting weight 65/95
A thruster followed by a push press followed by a push jerk followed by a split jerk without dropping the bar is one rep.

FArmer carry:  Max distance at chosen HEAVY weight rest 2 minutes, repeat 3 sets

Tabats Side planks 16 rounds, on elbows


Warm up: 2 min cardio
Theraband work (same as class)
5 min: 5 each: sit ups, hang clean, press, wall ball

1 seated db press, 1 tricep skull crusher, 1 floor press, 1 pull over

20 cal bike
12 pull ups
21 ball slams


Start at 0:00
15,12,9,6,3 reps of:
Squat Clean 115/75lb
Lateral bar jumping burpees
-- Start at 25:00
3 RFT:
50 Double unders
400m run
25 Hang Power Snatch 65/45lb
-- Start at 50:00
4 RFT:
25 ft handstand walk
20 Wall Ball Shots 20/14lb
15 Knees to Elbows
10 Shoulder to Overhead 155/105lb

CrossFit Easton MD, Personal Training, Nutrition and Weight Loss Systems 20171010

Weight Loss Challenge EAston CrossFit

2 min Cardio, then as a group:
T band work:  external rotation, draw the sword,  Pull down from overhead, extensions (band under butt), PVC stretches
Barbell warm up:  5 each:  stiff leg deadlift, hang power clean, strict press, push press (might need a refresher on technique), back squat.  3 sets
30s planks each way.  

find a 5rm for the day.
Now do Push press for 5x3 at that weight,  building if possible. 

3 Rounds of:
AMRAP 4: Row for Calories after the following
On the 0:00 – 15 Abmat Sit-Ups (then go to rower)
On the 1:00 – Max effort plank, (then go to rower)
On the 2:00 – 15 Abmat Sit-Ups (then go to rower)
On the 3:00 –Max effort plank, then go to the rower

Rest 2:00 between rounds

Adaptive:  2 min cardio, T band with class,  barbell warm up:  5 shrugs, 5 hang muscle cleans, 10 strict presses,  3 sets
Met Con:  bike instead of row.  do banded low rows in place of sit ups. 20 reps.  

Warm up: 200 m run,  20 air squats,  200m Run 15 back squat (empty bar),  200m run,  10 weighted back squats
30 s each:  Samson stretch, childs pose, pigeon pose,  hamstring stretch, quad stretch
Spider man lunges 10 reps, 

Back Squat
5 sets of 3 at 80% or better (may build)

followed by..  

2 Rounds: 
400 Meter Run
30 Thrusters (65/45)


2 min Cardio, then as a group:
T band work:  external rotation, draw the sword,  Pull down from overhead, extensions (band under butt), PVC stretches
Dumbbell warm up:  5 each:  stiff leg deadlift, hang power clean, strict press, push press, squat.  3 sets

Skill:  Snatch

EMOM10 : 1-  3 pos snatch pull, pausing just above floor, at the knee, hip. + 1 hang power snatch,  

3 rounds not for time of:  3 strict TTB, 6 back stepping lunges (light weight), 9 light clean and press

15 Toes to Bar
12 Dumbbell Reverse Lunges (50/35) 
9 Dumbbell Clean and Jerks (50/35)

Adaptive:  2 min cardio, T band with class,  barbell warm up:  5 shrugs, 5 hang muscle cleans, 10 strict presses,  3 sets

EMOM:  1 upright row, 1 muscle snatch, building in weight, as able. 

3 rounds not for time of:  3 sit ups, 3 pull ups, 6 light clean and press

AMRAP:  15 v ups/sit ups,  6 pull ups, 12 db clean and press


Warm up:  
run 200m, 
10 inchworms, bear crawl, Samson stretch, banded walks
then bottom to bottom tabata squat (hold at bottom during the rest) -- 8 sets

EMOM:  32

Db step ups, drag lagging foot up the box until stepping leg is straight. x 10 5r/5l  get heavy
15 Hip Extensions
Wall squat hold (ME)
25 Flutter Kicks
Hand stand hold or wall walks, or bear crawl for minute
15 Banded Good Mornings
20 twisters
chin-over-bar hold

Adaptive:  2 min cardio, 3 sets of 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 30s side pland each way.  Stretch
glute bridge tabata--weighted. 
EMOM:  32
10 wall balls
25 flutter kicks
hand stand hold
20 twisters
chin over ring hold
alt db clean


3 rounds
10 air squats
10 med ball deadlifts
10 med ball squats

Coaching For technique: 
3 sets
1 minute row
10 Wall balls (light weights)

3 Rounds:
30 Hang Power Cleans (115/80)
30 Wall Balls (20/14)
30/21 Calorie Row


Teams of 2
200m run
12/9 Calorie Row
9 Pull-ups