BOD POD--Easton MD What you need to know

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Hey everyone!  I've made a quick video of the info you'll need on Bod Pod day.  I forgot to mention that you need to wear tight fitting clothing, like booty shorts/bike shorts/spandex.  Do not workout 2 hours prior to the test.  Do not drink/eat 1 hour prior to the test.   The fee for the test will be $50.  We didn't quite qualify for the discount this time.  I do have about 10 spots left, so if you haven't registered and you'd like to, please text me and I'll text you back your appointment time.  Please be prompt.  607-768-0213

Bring a friend week.

I wanted to thank everyone who brought someone in this week!  Please remember that they can receive an additional week of free classes by filling out our webform at:

They will need the password to access the page.  It is written on the whiteboard for you! If they decide to join, you will receive $50!