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Weight loss easton

MONDAY (all classes)
 Warm up
200m row/run, then as a group
5 min of 5 each:
power clean
Elbow rotations
back squat
Good morning

Skill work: wall ball and plank
EMOM 10 sets of 6 wall balls, plank for remainder (all in same minute)

Instruction:  Front squat technique and modifications to front rack position

Strength:  Front Squat 8x 3/ Side raise 8x8  supersets
8x3 Building if new,  80-85% if "old"
8x8 light weight, may build 

5 sets of 2 min AMRAP with 1 minute rests
5 push ups, 10 air squats
Scaling:  HSPU/pistols (note:  we will not cover technique on these,  do this option only
if you have bona fide HSPU and pistols with NO assistance)

Cash out:  Lat stretch and figure 4 piriformis stretch

Adaptive:  Bike 2 minutes,  30s each side planks,  Abduction seated 25 reps,  T band work, 8 reps each
No change on wall ball and plank
Strength:  Glute bridge on 2 stacks of plates  8 sets of 15 second holds, resting as needed, with side raise as written between rounds

Met con:  AMRAPS of push ups and reverse seated flys


Warm up:
Spider man lunges
Bear Crawl

AS a group:  Tabata KBS, ball slam, plank or HS hold, sit up 3x through

Skill:  TGU or 1/2 get up (one arm OH sit up)-- 20 alternating reps

EMOM 30 min
Box jump 10
Tire flip 5 (in out if possible)
russian twist  20
Farmer Carry 50m
Push press w/db 10
TTB 5 strict

Cash out:  STRETCH


Warm up:  

500m Row
then as a group:

Samson stretch, child's pose shouder/lat stretch, cat and cow. 
25 barbell or pvc goodmornings
Note:  if you cannot achieve a good position with a deadlift, you may be given an alternative
Deadlift from plates, Sumo deadlift, Romanian Deadlift, Suitcase deadlift, KB deadlift

Object carry:   5 rounds of 5 suitcase deadlifts, 40m front rack carry (40ft)  if new, carry one KB in goblet hold. 

Strength:  Deadlift 8x3 75%

Met con:  
3rft of
12 sandbag cleans or other object such as a med ball or light barbell
400m Rucksack run
14 step ups with bag
16 burpees over the bag

Adaptive:  Warm up:  2 min bike,  12-9-6 light db cleans, sit ups.  Stretches with class

Theraband: External rotation, draw the sword, 10 reps x 2 sets.
seated band row--use crossover symmetry for 3x 20 reps

object carry:  kb clean ladder:  5-4-3-2-1  5 on right, 5 on left, then 4, 3,2,1  rest 1 minute, repeat 2x more

Clamshell lifts--      4 sets of 10 each leg.  

Met con:  12 sandbag cleans, 14 floor to box, 16 wall balls,  3rft


Warm up:  1.  with PVC:  Shoulder mobs, good mornings, back squats, then 2. Group Bear complex with PVC or  barbell

Skill:  Bear complex:  EMOM 1-3 complexes adding weight

Met con:  
5 Rounds for Time:
10 KBS (70/55)
15 CTB
20 Burpees (adv:  burpee box jumps)

Adaptive:   Bike 2 minutes,  30s each side planks,  Abduction seated 25 reps,  T band work, 8 reps each
Bear complex:  2 upright rows, 2 cleans, 2 strict presses EMOM, build if desired

Met Con:  5 rft:
10 ball slams
15 pull ups
40s all out on the bike. 


Group warm up with med ball:
Tabata:  Slam, med ball clean, twister, partner toss 4 rounds (going to feel very met-con like by the end)  

Skill:  Db clean:  Dip Shrug Drop stand (use this time to find an an appropriate weight for you workout)

Met con:
6 min amraps x 3 with 4 minute rest build in weight with DB if possible.  Advanced option:  use kettlebells. 
200m Row buy in, then
Db power clean 2
DB Front squat 4
lunge x 6

Cash out:  whole lotta stretching