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Warm up:  
2 min cardio
Spider man lunges
Bear crawl
Child's pose lat stretch 30s each side
Samson Stretch 30s Each side
Banded Shoulder distraction 30s each side

Hang clean instruction 10 Sets to warm up to working weight for EMOM
1 RDL, 1  hang Power clean, 1 Front squat 

1. Hang Clean:  EMOM 1 from mid thigh, start at 70% and build

2. Back squat:  5x5

3. Met con:  
7 Min AMRAPs

15 push ups
10 box jumps
5 strict pull ups or LOW ring rows

Rest 2 minutes

15 push ups
10 air squats
5 TTB strict

Warm up:  
2 min Cardio
Theraband Protocol 6 reps each
Stretches with class

Hang clean (with class):  use 15# bar to start:  slow upright row, fast elbow to front rack 10 sets.  do these on stack of plates

Hang clean:  work up in weight to as heavy as possible today

Back squat:  Glute bridges:  up quick, hold 3, down 3, repeat (33x0) use a barbell or plates.  5 sets of 5 

Met con:
7 Min AMRAPs
15 push ups
10 floor to box or plates
5 pull ups
rest 2
15 push ups
10 floor to box
5 v ups

10 am class

Front  Squat:  5x3  *Warm up sets DO NOT COUNT.  GET HEAVY
RDL  5x8

EMOM Pausing Power cleans:  3 count pause at knee with vertical shin, and just above knee.  

Met Con is the same.