Workout in a boot? Yes--Rehabilitative Exercise.

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Stuff happens.

The dog trips you and you go flying down the stairs.  Or you take a spill at the Dirty Girl Mud Run and break your ankle.  Did that nagging pinch get a diagnosis?  Maybe your happy dance for that new PR doesn’t end well or the foot discomfort is now pain. 

I’ve been around the block a time or two with some setbacks and have had my fair share (more than most) of recovery time.   All of which has been things that I was born with that, over time, have been addressed with surgery or PT.  Or both. But I’m certainly not going to sit at home a watch all of my hard work turn to flab.  

You can workout when recovering from an injury.  

Staying at home on the couch is fine for about a bit, but it’s doing nothing good for your mental state.  Or you ass.  Get up off of it and get a ride to the gym.  You’ve probably got another body part that could use some work.   And most likely, several.  Let me give you an example:

•    Broken foot:  get your chest and back swole, learn how to row one-legged.
•    Shoulder in a sling:  Lunge, squat, step, bike. 
•    Hip problem:  Seated presses, pulls,
•    Back problem:  stability work, some yoga.  

An Ohio State University Study found that decreased levels of cortisol (exercise can lower levels) resulted in a 25% faster rate of wound healing.  Exercise also stimulates your immune system and mitigates the inflammatory response.  

That’s good for healing.  

My point is that it is generally safe to workout while healing. You’ve just got to be smart about it.  Don’t sit on your couch reading the WODs thinking, “I can’t do that.  Or that.  Or that..”  
Stop and think what you CAN do. It’s much better for the soul.