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Warm up:  10 minutes to complete
250m Row
AMRAP Complex:  5 RDL,  5 power cleans, 5 Front Squats,  5 presses, 5 OHS
Within this time limit, mobilize as necessary

4x8 Tempo Front Squats Pause start at 3s at bottom. Every 3 Min--Start at 50-55%1rm
(stay 1-2-3-up)

Overhead Squat 135/95#
Calorie Row

Set up for (3 min rest--clock does not stop) 

Deadlift 365/225#
Rope Climb

Warm up:   3 sets:  45s work, 15s transition:
KBs,  HS hold, barbell clean, strict pull up

15 min AMRAP:
80' Sled Push (load as needed for indoor use or  95/135 on prowler for outside use)
15 Ball Slam (AHAP)
15 Burpee

Alternating EMOM x 12 Min:
Minute 1: 5 Handstand Push-up (Scale, Deficit or Weighted as needed)
Minute 2: 3 Muscle-up (Scale number or add weighted as needed)

2 Rounds
25ft Inch Worm
25ft Burpee Broad Jump
10 Russian Kettlebell Swing
5 Straight Leg Romanian Deadlift (each leg)

Rowing instruction: (coach will not write this on the board)
10 of each:
Legs only pull--arms stay straight
Pause at the back drill:  back at 11:00, shoulders relaxed
Row with back and arms only
Paused start:  Vertical shins at the start, upper back at 1:00
Timing Drill:  2 sceconds out, 3 seconds in (this avoids rushing the slide and chaing banging, which can pop the chain off)

 2K Row Tme Trial

 4x8 Tempo Back Squats Hold at the bottom 3s. Every 3 Min  (45-50% 1rm)

1 Rope Climb Every Min On The Min x 10 Rounds (scale as needed)

Coach's choice warm up 

1. Bottom to bottom Tabata squats

2. AMRAP 7: Sandbag clean and switch to other shoulder or kb snatch

3. Tabata Thruster (35/45)
     Rest 3 minutes
    Tabata Burpee
     Rest 3 min
     Tabata airdyne or row

4.  800m easy jog

5.  coach's choice mobility

Warm up:  3 sets
Run 200m
Bear crawl down, spider man back
Banded Monster walks in square
30s wall squat hold, with wall slide arms

AMRAP (For Score)
15 Wall Ball 20/14#
15 Box Jump
40' Overhead Walking Lunge (w/ Wall Ball)
10 Medicine Ball ABMAT Sit-up

Clean Barbell Complex with Empty Barbell- as a group,  4 sets

3 Hang Muscle Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 High Hang Squat Cleans
3 Hang Squat Cleans (with hinge at hips)

EMOM:  2 Clean Pulls On The Min x 10

EMOM:  1 Squat Clean OTM x15. Start light and work up.

KB Ladder (clean and press)  (1-2-3-4-5) x 5

200m Run/Row
10 each:  Med ball clean, ball slam, wall-less wall ball, OH sit up.  x 4

Three rounds for time
200m Forward run
25 air squats
200m Backwards Run
25 Squat cleans (bar only)
200m forward run
25 walking lunges
200m Backward run
25 backward walking lunges

Three rounds
Bear crawl
10 strict presses
Bear crawl
10 strict pullups
Bear Crawl
10 burpees
Bear crawl


Theraband warm up
Burgener Warm up and skill transfer exercises with pvc, then empty barbell.
You may do this workout as a clean ladder, alternatively.

Snatch 1st and 2nd pull,  1 snatch,  EMOM x 10 reps with light weight

Snatch ladder, rest 3 minutes between ladders,  5 ladders for total time

5 @ 50%
4@ 60% 
3 @ 70%
2 @ 80%
1@ 90%

Deadlift (155/225)
Calorie Row