I help people lose weight. This is how.

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This is how I help people lose weight. 

I help people lose weight.  Rather, I help people realize that weight isn’t really what needs to be lost and then coach them through the changes.  What everyone is really after is health.  There is something that is not quite right about their bodies and it needs to change.  That change, most often, comes about by proper fueling.  Poor nutrition comes in two main forms—bad calories or not enough of the right calories.

 There are 2 wrong turns that I see consistently in people’s lives as they try to lose weight.

1.       They are not consuming enough calories to efficiently fuel their bodies ­­­

2.       They are eating sufficient calories, but those calories are poor quality and they don’t get the nutrition they need to efficiently fuel their bodies.

Of course, there are many other reasons like children, illness, caregiving, and simple lack of motivation.  But all of those reasons boil down to one of the two obstacles I mentioned.

And you cannot drive a car with no gas or bad gas.  It don’t go.

Let’s take them one at a time. 

First, it’s not as easy as exercise more, eat less.  You really do have to eat enough to function properly and that includes exercise, in ANY form.  For instance, I need to consume 1450 calories just to LIVE.  That doesn’t include cleaning my house or running my business or taking care of my family.  That is what I need just to exist.  On workout days, I need around 2100 calories to make it without having that 2pm coffee.  Do I gain from the extra food? No, because my metabolism uses it, and doesn’t store the extra.  I’m in fuel efficient mode, not starvation mode.  A 1200 calorie diet would have me falling asleep, unable to keep up with life.  Think about it.  What happens to a car as it runs out of gas? 

Now, let’s look at how I fill the extra 700 calorie deficit on workout days.  Actually, let’s look at rest days.  On those days, I eat meat, fish, nuts, vegetables, and fruit.  No starch.  Not so on workout days.  I’ve got to fuel for the activity.  I add potatoes, rice, beans, more fruit—all great sources of starch to make sure that my muscles have the food that they need to fire.  No, I’m not perfect and sometimes I budget ice cream.  And I really, really like mint chocolate chip cookies…. However, it’s not going to get me my 300 pound deadlift.  And I want a 300 pound deadlift!!  What do you want?  How are you fueling? 

What do you do about it, you ask? Start tracking what goes into your body. 


You want results, right?  That is the only way to know.  I’m not sugar coating this.  If you want it to work, you have to work for it.  Measure your food.  Read the label.  Download an app, like My Fitness Pal or Macros, or any other one you think might work for you and start putting in your food for 2 weeks. 

YOU WILL BE SHOCKED.  I guarantee it.  Yes, you do have time.  It takes 30 seconds.  Self-care is not selfish.  Remember that.  If you don’t care for yourself, who else will?  You’ve got one body.  Respect it and make some change.  #iamnationstrong #anotherlevel #yesyoucan