Finding Balance: Tips for Busy Gym Moms

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Finding Balance and making peace. 

Of late, I have felt pulled in many directions.  I am nursing an in injured knee and elbow, I home school my 2nd grader, and I run a business.  I don’t always do each to the best of my ability. My apologies to my family, my body, and my members.  It’s life, guess we all need to get used to it.  

I think that many mom’s feel a very strong pull to be home with family and our lives just don’t permit it.  It hurts, but you can take these simple steps to find some balance and make peace with your busy world. 

I found I was in a rut because my only alone time was interrupted by my knee problem.  I have many orthopedic problems which are a result of a genetic connective tissue disorder. It never really stops.  

But I was doing so well!  

Uh-huh.  Nothing is guaranteed, and I always have something to deal with.  That’s a given. Currently, my hip dislocates, got a bone bruise on my femur, and the nerve in my elbow gets irritated.  One at a time was tolerable and I could work around it.  But all at once?  I have 5 kids and now I can’t even get in my workout?   Not an option.  There were a few times that I came in…and left, gave up. I was tired and really wanted to be home. 

I began to feel terribly stressed and disappointed in myself.  I want to get my workouts done super early so I had more time to get work done in the morning so I had more time to be at home with my family in the evening.  

Sound familiar?

Here is what I asked myself

1.  What can I still do?

  Figuring out what I can do in the gym as well as at home really allowed me to find some balance between “rehab” and “normal Life.”  I cut back and slept in 2 days per week.  Gotta heal. 

2.  What can I give to others to get done?

 Delegating chores is HUGE in our house.  If you don’t have a job chart—make one!  Everyone helps.  He who does not work, neither shall he eat, right??


3.  What MUST be done today?

  Determine what MUST GET DONE TODAY and let the rest go.  Tomorrow will be here soon. 


4.  What are our upcoming appointments?

If you don’t use a calendar, then I have no sympathy for you. Really, it’s essential to time management and making the call on what tasks are necessary.  Get one and put everything on it.  Set reminders.  Text yourself.  Whatever it takes.  

    HELP is a big word and don’t think that you’re not being prideful by not using it. You are not Wonder Woman.  And even her jet breaks down.  Your needs are just as important as anyone else’s.  If you need time for yourself ASK.

Try giving yourself a break by NOT trying to get it all in.  It’s ok to change up your workout routine, get your schedule straight, delegate the chores and ask for some help!  You don't have to have the socks all matched up.  It's ok.  

And if that doesn’t work, tighten your pony tail, hike up your leggings, put on some gangsta rap and do some burpees while they figure out dinner.   ;)