Easton Gym Personal Training CrossFit Weight Loss Programs Workouts 20170430

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Warm up:  200m Row,  Group Burgener Warm up and Skill Transfer

Muscle Snatch 5x3 Every 2 min
Work up in weight as tolerated

High Hang Clean,  1-2 EMOM, 15 sets

10! Power Clean Pull up (125/185) (95/135) (65/95)

5x ME Handstand hold, or walks.

Mobility: Sholder smash, First Rib mob, lats

Warm up: 
Row 200,  Banded Walks, 5 minutes Bear Complex

3x8 Tempo Back Squats (4221) Every 4 Min 50% (note reps!)

KB ladder (1-2-3-4-5) x 5

3 Rounds for Time:
5 Push jerk (125/185)
10 Deadlifts
200m run 

Mobility:  Pigeon, seated star, seated twists

Warm up:  Run/row,  10 OH walking lunges,  10 air squats, 10 Ring rows, x 3   5 min DU Practice

Chipper,  break up as needed. 
100 DUs
10 Muscle ups
50 Ball Slams
24 Pistols
20 STS (do not drop KBs, if used)
24 pistols
50 Ball Slams
10 Muscle ups
100 Dus

Warm up:  run/row  10! Ring row, push up

EMOM  KBS  10x10, AHAP

5 Rounds
10 bench press/ DBL KB or Dumbbell Floor press
5 muscle ups,  or 10 Ring rows
10 sang bag step ups

Warm up:  Row 200,  Banded Walks, 5 minutes Bear Complex

3x8 Tempo Front Squats (4221) Every 4 Min
50% to start

250m - 500m - 750m - 1000m - 1000m - 750m - 500m - 250m. 
Rest 0:30 between sets. 
You must maintain the same pace or faster for all sets.

Note:  half of the class will squat first, the other will row

Warm up: 200m Run, 10 10bs, 10 goblet squats, 10 sit ups, 5 strict pull ups,  x3 Jumprope 5 minutes

Helen and Annie,  5 minute rest between 

Gymnastics: 30s on 30s off x 5--choose
Level 1: Piked Inverted Hold (feet on box or against wall)
Level 2: Handstand hold against wall
Level 3: Wall Walks
Level 4: Shoulder Taps Against Wall
Level 5: Handstand Walk Forwards
Level 6: Handstand Walk Cycling Through: Forwards, Backwards, Sideways (R, L)

Group sled sprints:  Team up with 3 others, load the sled and push it down Aurora and back for time.  

Warm up:  Group Burgener

E90s:  Split jerk work:  
1 jerk
1 jerk drop with feet in place, 
1 jerk drop with foot movement
1 jerk drop with foot movement, bar at eyes

5 Rounds for Time
5 hang power cleans
10 p clean and jerk
15 burpees over the bar