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Warm up:  Row 400m, Bear Crawl, down and back,  thenMonster walks in a square,  20 each clam shells each side,   100 SUThen 3x10 ring rows, air squats.   

Strength Couplet:  Back Squat/Strict pull up5x6


EMOM for 10 sets, alternating movements

Perform 6 back squats or 6 Strict Pull ups.

Use a vest if possible for the pull ups.

Back squats should be somewhere between 75-80%


Met con:

21-15-9-15-21 Power Cleans 135/95 wall balls

after each set do 40 DUs(2/4/15)



50 Banded Good mornings

50 Walking lunges

50 OH sit ups


Warm Up: 200m Run,  Tabatas:  Ball slam, burpee, broad jump, KBS –Alternate 4 rounds

Bench Press5x6, E2M




Warm Up: Row 400m ,  30s Work, 15s Rest of:  Banded goodmornings, PVC/ light barbell OHS, hang power clean (empty bar) SLRDL with light weight (Drinky Bird)


Deadlift/OHS Perform EMOM,  alternating movements.  5x6 each


AMRAP 20:    Power clean,  2 Front rack stepping lunges,  JerkBuild weight





Warm up:  Complex:  Deadlift, Power Clean, clean, Front squat, press, push press, OHS.  8minutes



14 db snatches, alternating

7 DB clusters single arm,  each side

EMOM 15:  TGU 1 each side.  This will be lighter than usual. The first 5 sets are warm up weight