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Warm up:  
Tabata intervals 4 rounds at the rower before rotating all the other moves for 4 cycles:
Row, KBS, push up, air squat, burpee

Met Con:
4x 4:00 AMRAP: 
1 Rope Climb
12 Medicine Ball Cleans, 
20 lbs 12 Box Jumps, 24 in
12 Row Calories
Resting 3 mins between each AMRAP.

Skill work:
The Barbell Snatch:  Burgener warm up with PVC or weight of choice


Warm up:  500m Row,  Banded Monster Squat Walks in a square,  Spiderman Lunges, 25 KBS,  20 walking lunges

Skill:  Back Squat 5 minute instruction/review

Met Con:
20 Back squats
Then 4 rounds of:
40’ OH plate lunge
200m Row
40’ OH plate lunge
10 db or bb strict press (65/95)  (db as able)

EMOM:  10 KBS and Plank


Warm up: Run Row 200m, Bear crawl, then as a group Burgener Warm up for the clean

Skill:  The Clean
Perform EMOM  1 Hang power clean and 1 Front squat, building weight as able for 15 minutes

Met Con:  5rft  
15 HPC
20 burpees over the bar
25 sit ups

Warm up/Work out  First 2 rounds at warm up pace, then last 3 rounds at met con pace
200m Row or run
10 burpees
12 wall balls
14 med ball cleans
16 med ball slams

Skill:  Power snatch:  Dip, Zip, Flip

Skill work, EMOM x 20
1.  Box Jumps x10
2.  Power Snatch x 8
3.  Farmer carry 100’
4.  Sandbag get ups for the minute

Friday Partner Workout
Warm up:  coach’s choice

Working in teams of 3
100 wall balls
100 calorie Row
100 kbs
200 sit ups
200 DUs
200 walking lunges
400m Farmer Carry every body goes, one person carries at a time. 


Learn your lifts:

Front squat,  Bench, Deadift:

Front Squat/Pull up:  5x8 each,  superset

Bench/Pendlay Row:  5x8 each, superset

Deadlift/Rest 5x8, lift e2m

Met con:  4x400m run

Clean deadlift:  10x 2 EMOM,  60%    

Power clean
Warm up sets:  5@50%, 5@60%  
3 reps at each percentage 70-75-80.  Do this for 5 sets (9 reps per set)
 EMOM: 1 push press, 1 push jerk, 1 split jerk  15 sets. 
Met Con:  5 rounds, 2 minute rest between rounds
10 box jumps
10 kbs
10 ttb