Nutrition Bites: Simple Bistro Sandwich, Turkey on Gluten Free Bagel


Gluten Free Turkey Bistro Sandwhich:

Build your nutritional lunch masterpiece in the following order (yes build, you are learning to be a sandwich architect, the order of the layers is important to taste) 

  1. Gluten Free Bagel, toasted (found in frozen whole/natural food section in most stores)

  2. Drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and (Woeber's) Horseradish Sauce

  3. Sliced fresh cucumber and/or (optional) sliced pickles (together they are delicious)

  4. Slice of Sharp White Cheddar cheese

  5. Deli sliced turkey (one or two slices)

  6. Red Pepper (or orange) sliced

  7. Red Onion Sliced (just a few) 

All of the macronutrient building blocks all in one, yum!

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