Easton, do you really need Three Square Meals per day? Tips for Eating Well.

Meal or snack?  Hint: They're all meals. 

Meal or snack?  Hint: They're all meals. 

Easton!  Great tip for eating well #mealsbymomof5 #eastonnutrition

Who needs Three squares a day, anyway.

Usually, we put our meals into categories:  breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Breakfast foods include

·         Eggs

·         Bacon

·         Sausage

·         Cereal

·         Oatmeal

Lunch might be:

·         A salad

·         Soup

·         Grilled something from somewhere

·         Fast food (because WE don’t slow down.  The food is just sitting there)

Dinner is something like:

·         Pork chops

·         Rice and Beans

·         Baked salmon and rice

·         Fast Food

·         Pizza. 

·         The list gets worse the farther down you go…..


These are our named meals.  If it’s not one of these, it must be a snack.  So, a snack is not a meal or maybe lunch is not a snack. One of the biggest hurdles I come up against as a nutrition coach, is the mindset of “meals”  vs. “named meal/snack.”  In categorizing our feedings, we tend to leave out whole food groups.  Lemme tell you something….

they’re all meals…or should be.

·         How about eggs and salsa with an apple for a meal?

·         Maybe an apple and 2oz of chicken breast with a few nuts?  Yep, it’s a meal!!!!

·         Why not a turkey burger and green beans for “breakfast?” 

·         Or chili.  That’s good anytime.

Stop thinking inside the box—you don’t need 3 square meals per day.  You need meals at regular intervals to fuel your body efficiently.  When we get into “snack mode” you begin leaving out one of the three necessary macronutrients, carbs, fat or protein.  You need ALL THREE at every feeding to control the hormones which control your metabolism and keep it functioning at top speed.

food control = happy hormones = healthy you

Take my advice….

Stop snacking and eat your MEALS J


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