Easton Personal Training, Weight Loss and Nutrition coaching Crossfit and Boot Camp Workouts.

And still getting healthier!!!!!!  

And still getting healthier!!!!!!  


Warm up:  500m row, then 10-8-6-4-2 Ring row, push up, back squat with empty bar.  Then,  30s HS hold, Max effort strict pull up x 4

Strength Couplet:  Bench press and Squat Clean

EMOM, for 5 sets of 4, as heavy as possible for each set.  Spend up to 10 minutes finding your WORKING weight

Pull up / Dip complex:  for time perform 3/5 strict dips and 3/5 strict pullups (weighted if possible) changing hand grip with each set (6 sets total)

Met con: (all for separate times)

100 Abmat Sit ups for time

100 DUs for time

1k row for time.


Boot Camp:  5 Rounds for time:  10 squat cleans, 15 set ups with weight, 20 push press , then 100 ab mat situps for time.  1k row for time



Warm up:  400 run/row, then 7 min of Bear Complex with a barbell, stretch as necessary for up to 10 minutes

Met con:  AMRAPS, with 3 minute rest between couplets

AMRAP 5:  DB  Clean(35/50) and 8 Burpee

AMRAP 7:  200m Row, 10 Thrusters (65/95)

AMRAP 9:  30 DUs/ 15 Box Jumps (24/30)

Cash out:  20 TGU AHAP

Boot Camp:  6 minute row,  6 minute AMRAP of 5 DB cleans, 5 burpees, 6 minute amrap of 5 box jumps, 5 push press,  6 minute row.  NO REST!!!  


Warm up:   45s work, 15sRestfor 5 rounds of:  Wall Ball, Ball slam, PVC OHS,  KBS

Strength Couplet:  OHS/Deadlift

EMOM, perform 4 reps for 5 sets, as heavy as possible for each set.  Take up to 10 minutes to warm up to a working weight

Met Con:  14.1:  AMRAP 10 min of 30 DUsand15 power Snatch (55/75)

EMOM 10 KBS, 10 reps AHAP

Boot Camp:  EMOM 10 KBS for 10 sets.   5 rounds for time:  9 Deadlifts, 12 push ups, 15 step ups



Warm up:  Row 400m

3 rounds with empty barbell

5 deadlifts

5 muscle cleans

5 push press

5 back squats

5 good mornings

5 tuck jumps


MET Con:  21-15-9-15-21Box jumps, burpees (24/20)


EMOM 10 Minutes:  1 round of Cindy:  if you do not have pull ups do ring rows. 


Stamina:  21-15-9 Unbroken Thrusters (choose weight wisely!)


Cash out: Pull up progression:   20 s Hollow body hold,  10 partner pvc pry-aways,  10 Ball Roll outs (video will be posted on youtube)  3 sets


Warm up:  1k row, then 5 minutes of Bear Complex

Strength Couplet:  Back Squat and Push press

EMOM, for 5 sets of 4, as heavy as possible for each set.  Spend up to 10 minutes finding your WORKING weight.   You may use a barbell or dumbbells for the push press.

Met Con:  6 rounds for time:

6 Jerks (95/135)

8 squat cleans

10 front rack stepping lunge


Boot Camp:


5 rounds:

40’ Walking Lunges with db

10 push press

10 OH sit ups

40’ Walking OH lunges

10 push ups

10 OH sit ups


Tabata (rotating stations): 

Battle Rope, air squat, ball slam, med ball twisters



Warm up:  15 KBS, 15 burpees, 5 KB thrusters each arm,  30 DUs.  X 3


Met con:  Every 4 minutes for 24 minutes complete:


10 Thrusters

200m Row

5 strict pull ups


Tabata planks, weighted


STS Practice.