Survive the Super Bowl! Game Day Recipes.

 Control Your Super Bowl!

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One of the most important days of the year in sports is fast approaching…SUPER BOWL!!!!

Whether you like the sport or not, you may attend or even host a Super Bowl get together. These are not usually “figure friendly” menus; beer, chicken wings, nachos, hot dogs, brats, dips made of who-knows-what, cookies, etc.

The calories obviously can add up at these events. I’m not here to spoil the party…I’m quite the football fan myself…but I am going to just lay out some facts about what you could consume and what you would have to do to burn some of that off.

As always, my biggest piece of advice is: Be active that morning. Run, jump, swim, lift, burpee…do things to get your body moving and your metabolism ready to burn. Kick-off is not until later in the afternoon-evening, so you have most of your day to get moving.



Calories in



Calories out in 60 mins


10 BBQ Chicken Wings: 616 calories

Running, 12min mile pace: 596 cals. burned

½  cup guacamole: 240 calories

Kayaking: 372 calories burned

20 Tortilla Chips: 215 calories

Yoga: 298 calories burned

2 Coors Light Beers: 204 calories

1 hour of flag football: 596 calories burned

1 Hot dog: 411 Calories

Rollerblading: 520 calories burned

Total:  1,686 calories

Total:  2,382 calories burned

“Calories out” based on an average 155lb person

Basically 1,700 calories for 1 “meal”. Whoa! Your metabolism will be very sleepy and sluggish after this. That is as much as some people should have in a whole day…over about a 12-hour period! 

And like I mentioned for Thanksgiving…. don’t try to get away with the “It is just this one day” excuse…because look, it is yet another day of destructive eating.

You may look at that and think…’well I burned more calories, so I’m good- scarf time!’. But look at what you would need to do! I highly doubt, no offense, you are going to run, kayak, do yoga, play flag football, and rollerblade, an hour of each in one day. That is 5 hours of vigorous activity.

Besides being active especially on Super Bowl Sunday, here are some other tips to dominate the day and keep on track:

·        Eat before you go to the party

·        Chew sugar free gym

·        Bring sparkling water, flavored or unflavored and keep your cup filled with that

·        Feel free to leave when you are feeling ready to or possibly when your next meal is up

·        Bring your own dish- make enough to share, so you don’t feel as though you “brought your own lunch”’ and maybe feel like you are alienating yourself

·        Take a “fit n healthy buddy”- someone who can be in your situation with you, or ask for support from whoever you are going with already

·        Free your mind! Think more about the interactions, the people you will talk to, the conversations you will have, the game you will enjoy- maybe, etc... rather than the "cant’s" and the felt restrictions



Again, be in control and be good to yourself!