Easton Personal Training Gym and Nutrition Coaching, Boot Camp, Crossfit Workouts 20170213

Warm up:  500m Row, then Tabata interval of: 4 sets of  KBS, burpee, push up, push press with empty barbell 

Strength:  Back Squat and DB Press
    Perform 2 reps of each movement, on alternating minutes for a total of 5 sets.  
    Take 10 minutes to warm to working weight.  You may test for a 1rm today.

EMOM, 20 minutes KBS (AHAP) and TGU
    On alternating minutes, perform 10 kbs (ahap) and 2 TGU (building)

Core:  Tabata Hollow holds for those without pull ups,  tabata hollow hangs for those with 

Bootcamp:  EMOM same,  5 minutes each of: 1.  Row, 2. 10 each sit up , push press, air squat,  3.  5 burpees, 6 box jumps, 7 wall balls

Warm up/metcon:  5 rounds (2 warm up/3 met con speed)
200m row,  
40'  OH walking lunge, plate
10 burpees push press with plate
5 SA thrusters each side, 
10 ball slam

Every 4 minutes:  Dumbbell work/DUs
    5 DB squat cleans (35/50)
    10 Snatches
    30 DUs

Core:  tabata planks

Boot Camp:

Warm up: 40 bear crawl,  10-8-6-4-2 Ring Row, Push up, pull up, squat3 

Strength:  Bench/DB row
    Perform 2 Bench Presses or 10 DB bent over row on alternating minutes
    You may test a 1rm bench today.

Met Con:  5 rounds for time
    10 Power cleans
    8 Front rack step ups
    6 BB roll outs

Running/Rowing--running preferred
    200m x5, rest 30s.  try to make each set the same time.

Warm up: 3 rounds 200 m row,  Burgener with empty bar (5 reps each movement)

Met Con:  EMOM, alternating of Row/Burpees
    On alternating minutes for 12 minutes row 12/15 cal or perform 10 burpees

Strength and Agility:  AMRAP 8
    4 STS, 10 air squats, 10x 5m shuttle sprint
Core:  Stabilty ball Pikes x 30-50 (beg/adv)

Warm up:  200m row, 20 PVC dislocates, OHS, then together:  45s on 15s rest  kbs, wall ball, ball slam 3 sets

Strength:  Deadlift/OHS
    Perform 2 reps each AHAP for each set, on alternating minutes.  
    Take 10 minutes to find your working weight.  You may attemp a 1rm lift. 
Met con:  For time
    40-30-20-10  KBS/Push press  (35/45)  (55/75)

Warm up:  
Row 400m
3 rounds with empty barbell
5 deadlifts
5 muscle cleans
5 push press
5 back squats
5 good mornings
5 tuck jumps (NOT HEELS TO BUTT)

Strength:  Lsit/RR
    Alternating Tabata interval for 16 sets
MEt con:  Thrusters
    21-18-15-12-9-6-3 unbroken thrusters (65/95)  rest as little as possible.  
    If you cannot complete the set unbroken, rest and do it again before moving on
Mobility:  1 minute each:  Lat roll, Chest smash, Rear shoulder and scap roll, Pigeon, butterfly

Warm up:  500m row, Bear complex 5 min
Hero WOD:  Conor~ AMRAP 20 min
    5 dead lift
    5 hang power clean
    5 front squat
    5 push press
    5 back squat = 1

Recovery:  3 k row

Mobility:  1 min each:  Lat stretch and roll, 1st rib mob (barbell to neck), 
    Armaid, Pancake stretch, quad roll,  Piriformis roll (sit on the roller)