CrossFit Easton MD, Personal Training, Nutrition Systems 20171002

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Warm up:
2 min Cardio
bear crawl, spiderman lunges
banded walk and squat :  step, step, squat x 5 each way
SLRDL x 10 (unweighted)
Push up x 10
DB press x 10

Back Squat/ DB KB press
5-5 (75) - 3-3-3 (80%) 
Super set with
3-3-3-3-3 KB Press, AHAP each set

Met Con:  
Teams of 2:  Matching Reps of 

25 Power cleans
25  Wall Balls
25 box jumps
25 pull ups
25 Push ups
25 burpees

Each partner will do 25 reps EACH

3-3-3-3-3 db KB bench press
10 slow banded rows (use crossover symmetry) between each set

Met con:
Power cleans,
wall balls
floor to box
Pull ups
push ups
ball slams

Warm up
Run 200m
coach's choice mobility with PVC/Other
With an empty barbell
5 reps x 3 sets
bent over row
power clean
front squat
push press
Back squat
Good morning

SKill:  OHS
If new learn the movement to see if it is appropriate for you to do in a workout
If experienced or if you have excellent mobility, Please spend 5 minutes going over technique with coach,
then work up to weight for met con

21-15-9  (pvc, new;  65/95 most of us,  95/135 competitors)
Calorie Row

Rest 5 min 


box jump

Rest 5 min

21-15-9 (new--modify;  most of us strict floor push ups;  advanced HSPU)

push up
Pull up


Bike, T-band, pvc mobs, pvc btn presses

21-15-9  BTN press, cal bike/  floor to box, wall ball;  push  up, pull up


WArm up:
cardio 2 minutes

Theraband work:
2x10 of
external rotations, draw the sword, I T Y, face pulls

Barbell warm up complex:
clean, front squat, press, back squat good morning (3-5 minutes)

EMOM 15:

1 Clean deadlift (1st and 2nd pull),  1 power clean, 1 clean  build to heavy

5 sets ring dips/pull up:  No time component.  
level 1 :  parallette dips, ring rows  (8/8 reps)
level 2:  Banded ring dips/strict pull up super slow negatives (3/3 reps)
level 3:  Ring dips/strict pull ups (5/5)
level 4:  weighted dips/strict pull ups (5/5)

10 rounds or AMRAP (coach's choice on time)
 (beginner and adaptive will do 1/2 get up)

Adaptive:   Warm up is the same, except barbell work:  1 upright row, 1 muscle clean, 1 strict press x 5 or so times until warm

EMOM:  2 cleans, 1 press
dips/pull ups:  experiment with whatever level is appropriate

10 Rounds of 1/2 get up,  10 hip thrusts (these are fast and heavy)


Warm up:  200m row,  skips, high knees, but kickers, toe-touches, bear crawl, spider mans.  

skill work:  Push press.  Movement will be demonstrated and then athletes will work up to 80% of 1rm or "moderately heavy"

800-600-400-200-400-600-800 run/4min - 3 min- 2 min- 1 min airdyne

Between rounds perform:  5 push presses (80%),  10 push ups, 15 ring rows.  If rowing:  5 push presses, 10 ring push ups, 15 ab mat sit upsIf on the bike:  5 strict presses,  10 banded seatedlow rows,  15 sit ups


Warm up:  200m run/row, 25 banded goodmornings,  5x5 push ups, ring row, sit up

Buy in:  Tabata Hollow rock/Supermans

Sumo Deadlift/Dumbbell floor press:  10-8-6-4-2

E3M:  15/10 cal row, 10 GHD sit ups/ME Wall ball

Adaptive:  bike 2 min,  side plank lifts (clamshells),  t-band

Buy in no change,  Sumo deadlift:  side plank holds,  db floor press no change. 

E3M:  8 cal bike, 10 low seated banded row, ME wall balls