Easton Personal Training Gym and Nutrition Coaching, Boot Camp, Crossfit Workouts January 29, 2017



Warm up: 

1.  Row 500m then:   

20s work, 10s Rest of air squat,  burpee, hand stand hold,  kbs,  3 sets

2.  30s each PVC OHS, dislocates, hip bridge, wrist mobility


Strength Couplet:  Deadlift and OHS

EMOM for 5 sets of 6 reps each, lifting as heavy as possible for each set.   

This means you might end up lifting like this:  80% x6  85% for 5,  80%x6,  85% x6 80%x6.  Next time you see this lift, you would try to get 85% for all sets.  This is why it’s so important to write down what you lift.


Met con:  Five Round for Time of

12 Double front rack kb walking lunges (ideally use KBs)

15 GHD sit ups

18 Cal row. 


Accessory:  Tabata hollow holds or rocks (do not progresss to rocking if you can’t hold that position with straight legs)


Boot Camp:   12 minute circuits:   1.   10 Deadlift, 10 OHS,  25 light kb swings2.  15 goblet squat, 10 lunges, 20 sit ups.  3.  12 minute row.




Warm up: 

1. Run or Row 2 minutes or so, Then 6 minutes of

15 kbs,  10 goblet squats, 5 single arm kb thruster each arm

2.  With an empty bar:  1 clean pull from below the knees, 1 power clean.  20 sets


Strength:  EMOM KBS

EMOM 10 KBS, ahap for each set.  Alternate heavy with heavier to progress. 


Olympic Lifting:

Lifting on the minute,  perform 1 hang clean and one clean,  build weight to as heavy as possible for the day.


Strength 2:  Behind the neck Presses

With hands in the snatch position perform 5 x 2( BTN Press+BTN Push press+BTN Jerk) Rest only 1 minute between sets


Accessory:  3x10 single leg RDL,  add weight if hips are square to the ground and you can maintain balance and neutral spine.


Boot Camp:  EMOM 10 KBS,  5 rft:  10 power cleans, 100m shuttle run,  10 burpees. 




Warm up:  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Push up, sit up, squat, ring row


Met Con:  AMRAP 12 of

15 pull ups

10 pistols

5 Strict HSPU (deficit if this is easy-ish)


Strength Couplet:  Bench and Bent over Barbell Row

EMOM,  Perform 6 of each movement, moving rapidly from one to the other, on the minute


Acccessory:  3x12 Muscle snatch,  challenging weight. 


Boot Camp:  20 minute circuit:  15 ring rows, 20 air squats, 15 burppes, 20 sit ups.    Strength:  Bent over Row:  5x10



Warm up:  3 rounds

50’ high knees

50’ butt kicker

25’ walking lunges

25’ spiderman lunges

10 PVC pass thrus

5 PVC OH squats

10 ring rows


Met Con:   Nancy

 5 rounds for time of400m Run and 15 OH Squats,  65/95


Cool Down:

1 minute each:  couch stretch, shoulder stretch, calf and achilles stretch, lax ball between shoulder blades


Boot Camp:  50 Each:  KBS, goblet squat, ball slam, wall ball, sit up, 50 cal row,  step up,  hollow rock.  lunge




 Warm up:  3 rounds

50’ high knees

50’ butt kicker

25’ walking lunges

25’ spiderman lunges

10 PVC pass thrus

5 PVC OH squats

10 ring rows



Met con:   Shuttle Run and Burpeefor time

100m (10x 10m) shuttle run,  20 burpees

80m + 20

60m + 20

40m + 20

20m + 20


Strength:  Front Squat and KB press


Take 5-10 minutes to warm up to appropriate weight on Front squat and press.  Perform 6 reps each movement, on the opposite minute,  moving quickly between each set. 


Accessory:  Accumulate 3 minutes of L sits.


Boot Camp:  45 s at each station:  Battle rope,  burpee over the bar,  ring row,  back squat (ahap),  bear complex, twister, plank  30 minutes! 




Warm up:  500m Row, then Bear complex for 10 minutes, build weight


Strength couplet:  Back Squat and Push Press


Take 10 minutes or less to warm up to a working weight. 

Perform 6 reps each.


Met Con:  CF Games 11.2 Open WOD


15 min AMRAP of

9 Deadlifts 155/100

12 HR Push ups

15 box jumps 24/20


Group Stretch




Warm up/Met con

5 rounds of:

200m run

10 burpees

10 single db thruster (5/5)

10 Db snatch (5/5)


First 2 rounds warm up pace, stretch as needed.  Last 3 rounds—wod pace



Met con:  Push Jerk and running


10-8-6-4-2 push Jerk, box jump

400m run after each round. 


Accessory:  max height box jump,  Jumprope practice:  single leg 5 min.   If you need to work up to jumping:   perform a calf raise on a box (two footed) and come down on one side only for 20 reps each side.  (up on both, down on one.)