Easton Personal Training Gym Boot Camp, Crossfit Workouts of the Day


Warm UP:  5 Minutes Bear complex, then prepare for lifting (10 min)

Strength:  Back Squat and Strict Dumbbell Press5x8,  AHAP for each set

Lift EMOM for 10 minutes, alternating lifts, lifting as heavy as possible for each set


15.1:  9 min AMRAP of  15 TTB, 10 Dl (75/115)  5 Snach (full)

Notes:  warm up should be quick—begin to squat and press to working weight and take 10 minutes to do so.  The Met con is an open workout and should be performed at maximum capacity. 

Boot Camp:  Filthy Fifty, performed as a chipper.  



Warm up:  500m Row,   Bear crawl down and back,  Burgener Warm up:  5 reps each,  5 sets with an empty bar. 

EMOM 151 hang snatch (or clean) , 1 snatch.  Building weight

15-12-9HSPU,  power cleans 105/150

EMOM 12:  10 KBS AHAP (you may alternate heavy with moderate weights to progress yourself)

200m Row x 5.  Rest 1 minute between efforts.


Boot Camp: 

EMOM 20 alternate:  KBS AHAP,  sled push for minute

21-15-9 hang power clean, wall ball



Warm up:   6 rounds, first 2 at warm up pace, last 4 at WOD pace:

250m Row,  5 pull ups, 10 box jumps, 15 burpees 20 KBS (35/45)


(20 min) Couplet:  Deadlift and OHS,  EMOM 10 x 7.  As heavy as possible for each set


(16 min) Tabatas:  L-sits,  weighted plank holds, weighted sit ups, HS holds or shoulder taps

Accessory work 3x8 muscle snatches (unloaded bar)  3x10 false grip ring rows,  3x12 tricep OH extensions with 1 DB,  These may be done as a superset. 


Boot Camp:  10 Deadlifts, 10 box jumps, 10 Db push presses,  1 minute rest,  4 rounds.

18 min amprap:  5 power cleans, 10 push ups, 15 box jumps, 20 wallking lunge



Warm up:  500m Row, then AMRAP 8  40’  Walking lunge,  40’ bear crawl back,  10 single arm kb thrusters r and left,  10 full plank chest to ground push up (modify your elevation to make this happen)

Met con:

27-21-15-12-9-6 calorie Row, Box Jump

Strength:  chin over the bar holds/dips:

EMOM:   minute 1 hold chin over the bar (with a vest if you have pull ups) for 30s Minute 2 Perform ring hold or dip x 3 (F) 5 (M).  If you can do more than the rxd number, use a vest. 

Accessory (for time):  21 unbroken thrusters (pyow) Rest 15 unbroken thrusters Rest 9 unbroken thrusters

Boot Camp:  27-21-15-12-9-6 calorie Row, Burpee

Strength:  tabata hollow holds/ super man hold (alternating)

Accessory:  3x 15 unbroken thrusters.



Warm up:  Row or Run 400m ,  Then:  5x 3 each

1. muscle clean, front squat, hang clean, press

2.  With your coach:  jerk balance variations:   Half step to full jerk barbell at rack.  Half step to full jerk barbell at eyes.  Full jerk foot positioning barbell at neck,  full jerk positioning barbell at eyeballs.   This video shows the half step to jerk, barbell at rack.    http://www.catalystathletics.com/exercise/193/Jerk-Balance/

Olympic Lifting

EMOM 202 power cleans,  1 split Jerk

Met con:

5 rounds for time:

Sled push (inside for early classes) down and back

Sandbag Run to 200

Boot Camp:   

Back Squats:  5x6


Met con:  20 minute circuit:  1 minute at each exercise   KBS,  sled push, sit ups,  push ups, air squats,  ball slam, walking lunge.  


Warm up:  400m Run then  10 KBS, 10 goblet squats, 10 push ups 3x

1. 50 burpee box jump overs for time

2. Tabatas:  sit ups and weighted planks, alternate for 16 intervals

3.  2 rounds of 200m farmer carry (2 kbs or dbs) 200m 1 arm OH carry (switch arms on the way back)  200m back rack barbell carry.