Stand and fight. A quick story of femoral anteversion and the hardware that held it all together

As I sit here starving, waiting for my hardware removal (I’m scheduled for 3:30 pm), wishing I could eat, thinking of all the amazing things that I’ve been seeing on Facebook, drooling at the pictures that Nation’s Take Down Challengers have been posting, I realized that most of you have no idea why I even have hardware in my leg that needs removing.  It has to do with my hip structure and a deformity called femoral anteversion.  Not everyone’s hips are build the same and this is why we all squat a little differently. 

There will be a video blog on this in the very near future!  Until that time, have a look at this:


Post rehabilitation hip replacement osteotomy crossfit bootcamp easton MD



Specifically, look at Figure B.  That’s what my hips look like.  That is why my knees face each other.  Now, back in December of 2012, you know, when the world was supposed to end….I went in to have the procedure to correct this.  My anteversion was (left side)/is (right side) so severe that not only did the femur need to be cracked and reset,

cracked…that’s what he said…

but so did the tibia and fibula.  The vast majority of all the surgeries to correct this deformity involve only the femur.  I had an excess of 45 degrees of anteversion for a total of 60.  A normal adult hip has 15 degrees of anteversion. 


It wasn’t so much the healing of the bone that was difficult.  If there is one thing I’m really adept at it's osetogenesis—bone growth.  I went from 6 leg bones back to 3 in only 4 short weeks.  No, it wasn’t the bone.

It was rewiring my brain to make my leg work again. That took years.

Normally, this is a pediatric procedure and my surgeon is in fact a pediatric orthopedic specialist.  Children recover more quickly because they play. 

I play with barbells and kettlebells.  They’re toys, right??


Of course they are.  And the gym is nothing more than a playground.  You love it… you know you do.  Me, too!  But I never really stopped hurting.  Usually, hardware stays in and you never think about it until it rains, when it gets a little achy.   Usually, you don’t try to squat 200 pounds with a blade plate and 4 screws in your femur, either.  Or attempt double unders with 2 other plates and 8 more screws in your ankle.  

Nope—those bitches are coming out.

All that being said, I have managed to make a comeback, if only to make sure that all of you don’t give me too many excuses about why you just “can’t.”  This is also why I do so MUCH more strength training than your typical Crossfitter.  I usually don’t join in classes because it takes me a while to warm up and mobilize.  Sometimes, it just hurts! 

Now, many of you have also seen me in a sling for one shoulder or the other.  Behind those slings is the story of why I do what I do.  Let me stress that

none of my issues are from Crossfit.

Not either shoulder, not my spinal fusion, not my hips.  Crossfit put me back together.  And I’ll tell you why, eventually.  However, right now I have a date with an orthopedic surgeon and his power tools.  See you on the other side.


You have two choices.  You can quit or you can keep fighting. I choose to fight.