August NutritionBites

Squishy vs. Rough

     There is always chatter about what are “good” carbs and what are “bad” carbs. If you have done a TakeDown Challenge™ with us, you know that we refer to what is typically considered “bad” carbs as “squishy.” Why do we do this? What could this possible mean? What do these things have in common?

     Pasta White Rice White Bread Russet Potatoes Crackers Guesses? There are a few, but the one I will apply to them is that they are all “squishy.” Not initially maybe, but they will be once they are consumed. These carbohydrate choices might also be on the “bad” list. What do these things have in common? Vegetables Fruits Whole Grains Legumes Beans Guesses? They are the opposite of squishy, and what we will call “rough.” I will refer to them as “good” carbohydrates.

     When you take in carbohydrates consider these two things: 1. How fast will your body metabolize (use) the carbohydrate due to it being squishy or rough? 2. How long will this choice of carbohydrate keep me feeling satiated (not hungry)? Those two things will help you determine if the carb you are choosing is a good or a bad choice.

     Another consideration is the nutritional value of the squishy vs. the rough carbs. Not much nutritional value in squishy, but loads of it with rough! Think skin, seeds, fiber. Not an ounce of that in the squishy. Think anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, roughage…etc., in maximum abundance with the rough! As always, it comes down to you to make the choices that benefit you best. Sometimes do you want to have the squishy/bad choices? Sure, that’s normal. But, do your best to limit it to once in a while and make up the balance of your carbohydrate choices to come from the rough/good group.

It’s that simple.