Crossfit After 40: Our Community


Crossfitting as you age—How advanced are the classes?  What do I need to know?


So you think it’s too hard?  You don’t need to know a thing!  Your trainer will teach you everything you need to know to be a success.  All movements care tailored to your ability, your body.  

How does a full hour of personal training before you even start sound?  You may continue one-on-one with a trainer as you transition to group sessions or jump right in!

We all know exercise is good for you.  But the right exercise with a great trainer is better.  Each session is taught by our Certified Trainers. And yes, we use barbells. 

And we teach you how to use them properly. 

Strength training will help

·         maintain your bone density,

·         fight balance problems,

·         keep you agile,

·         make you a happier and smarter person by teaching you new skills.  

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