WODS 7/25-7/31

On Saturday we will pay tribute to Amanda Strous whose life ended much too soon!  You do not need a partner to participate, though Saturday's wod is a partner effort!  You can make donations at the gym through your account.  A cookout will follow.  Please bring a dish to share.  Meat will be on the grill.  Remember to wear purple!!!  #flyhigh22


1. Snatch
First 4 mins are Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch + Snatch Balance
Second 4 mins are Hang Squat Snatch
Final 4 mins are Squat Snatch

2.  Squat
A.  3x8 Back Squats
B.  5x1 Pausing OHS for 10 seconds or Front Squat

3. Conditioning
10!  Ring Row or bent over row, Bench Press or Floor Press with db/kb/bb

Bootcamp:  EMOM 12:  5 Clean and Press, Max calorie row (alt minutes)

Squat and Conditioning are the same.


1.  Sumo Dead Lift
4x6 reps for max load, unlimited rest between sets

2.  Conditioning
3 RFT:
500m Row
12 Deads, Bodyweight
21 BJ, 24/20


1. Weightlifting
Running Clock
Mins 1-8:
EMOMx8: 1 Squat Snatches (85%)
Rest 4:00
Mins 12-20:
EMOMx8: 1 Squat CJ (85%)
Rest 4:00
1 minute bike/row test for max cals

2.  Conditioning
Karen:  150 Wall balls for time—this is a benchmark.  14/20#

 3. Rowing

Rowing technique:  1000m keeping strokes for minute consistent, do not let the chain tap. 

Bootcamp:  24 minute circuit:  Every minute switch exercises:  1.  10 cleans 2. 10 Goblet Squats 3.  10 OHS4.  10 Push press (db/bb) 5. Max effort row.  6. Rest.


3x8 Front Squats

Strength Accessory
A.  3x6 Single Leg Step ups (6/side before switching)
B.  3x6-10 Glute Ham Raises or Goodmornings
C.  3x20 Weighted Sit up - feet anchored with dumbbell across chest


Tabata row 4 rounds,  rest 2 min Tabata burpee 4 rounds


1.  Conditioning
3 Rounds of Cindy
1 Round of DT
2 rounds of Cindy
1 Round of DT
1 rounds of Cindy
1 round of DT

3. Gymnastics Strength

5 Rounds NOT for time of:
5 Weighted Strict Ring Dip
5 Weighted Strict Pul up 

Bootcamp:  no change!!!!  Just modify movements!!!!  You can do it J


Fly High 22!! 
All classes!   First heat runs at 9:30am.  BBQ to follow!  Please bring a dish to share.  Donations to Amanda’s fund can be made at the gym.  Wear purple!


1. Clean and Jerk
EMOMx10:  1 Power Clean + 3 Front Squats + 1 Jerk
2.  Gymnastics Conditioning

7 RFT: 5 unbroken Ring Muscle ups, rest as little as possible between sets
3.  Conditioning

800m Run
30 Snatches, 95/65
800m Run
30 OHS, 95/65
800m Run
30 Thrusters, 95/65