Athlete Spotlight: Gayle Scroggs

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Dear Coach, 
I climbed all the way to the top of Nevada Falls on Friday – that really was a feat! It's over 3 miles and includes over 600 granite steps with very high risers .
I am so grateful you had me develop my squat!! there were also many small large medium rocks to scramble over, and thank goodness my stability also improved. I even felt great the next day . So resilience is part of it, right?

I've also been going over to the CrossFit office with Sara in the mornings to work out, and today I hit my personal best for dead weight lift at 135 pounds (see photo). SoI am doing great, and I thank you for all of your wise training and for the inspiration provided by my training partner Lisa! It was all worth it – and it's inspired me to continue. See you soon .

Gratefully, Gayle

How did you get started in CrossFit?

I wanted something more than physical therapy to recover from a leg injury that forced me to go down stairs sideways, two feet on each step, gripping the handrail for dear life. My daughter Sara, who works at CrossFit HQ, recommended CrossFit--and even incentivized it. I started out in mid-January with a weekly private session and a weekly Bootcamp session.

What brought you into Another Level/Crossfit Nation?

Sara did a WOD at AL/CN while visiting me, and we both met Kiersten. I was impressed at her knowledge and manner. She carefully studied the continuing exercises my PT had given me and said that she could adapt exercises to my current needs.

What do you feel your best accomplishment is since joining Another Level/Crossfit Nation?

I met my HUGE goal! On a perfect sunny June day in Yosemite, Sara and I hiked to the top of Vernal and Nevada Falls on the famous Mist Trail. Our route started at 4000 feet, with a 2000 feet, covering nearly 6 miles round trip. The trail included gorgeous views of the waterfalls and panoramas--as well as steep, slippery granite steps and boulder-strewn stretches. At the end of our very long day, my Fitbit registered over 14,000 steps, including the equivalent of 150 flights of stairs.

What goals are you still working on achieving?

I am now excited about getting even stronger so that I can do more great hikes and bike rides as well as have the resilience and flexibility to meet whatever challenges and opportunities come my way.

What do you like best about being part of the Nation Community?

I am encouraged to improve my level of fitness at a pace that works for me. The trainers are consistently friendly and articulate in explaining the exercises, offering each athlete personal attention--which meant scaling down exercises for me. Kiersten has been an exceptional help! Everyone cheers everyone else on, as when I achieved a new personal best in the dead lift recently. I was so psyched to get to ring the bell--while others gave me a high five. I had worried that my age and beginning fitness level would be obstacles to feeling welcome or keeping up, but that turned out to be a really silly fear! The only person you compare yourself to is yourself. I have found ALF/CF to be a place to get fit and make friends who encourage you to get fit and stay fit. You can come just as you are--and then you get even better!

What has CF done to help your daily activities?

Stairs and curbs are no longer a challenge. Even more impressive is how much more cheerful and productive I have become. I feel I am at my best--or at least nearly so. As a positive psychology coach, you could say I am really walking the talk when it comes to creating habits that facilitate flourishing.