WODS June 6-June 12


1. Snatch Accessory Work
5x5 Snatch Pulls (not high pulls—arms will not actively bend)

2. Snatch
EMOMx10: 1 Squat Snatch—build to your working weight BEFORE the clock starts.  Perform a Clean if you do not snatch.

3. Squat
3-rep heavy Back Squat

4.  5 min AMRAP sandbag clean and press




1. Conditioning
6 rounds of:
AMRAP 3:  20/12 Calorie Assault Bike or row + Max reps of Power Cleans at 185/135
2 minute rest between rounds.

2. MidLine/Row Conditioning
3-4 Rounds of:
10 Good Mornings
20 Weighted Sit ups

3. Stamina Builder
2 minutes of Double unders
rest 2 minutes
2 minutes of  burpees



1. Barbell Conditioning
With a running clock…
A. At the 0:00
EMOMx9:  1 Power Clean at 75% 

B. At the 12:00
EMOMx9:  1 Power Snatch at 75% 


2.  Conditioning
9 x 1:40 on, :20 off (2 min rest after round 5)
This is a preset WOD on the C2 Rower. Choose “Select Workout” then “Custom List” then “v1:40/20r…9”.

Note:  divide the class in half—group a does cleans to start and group b will row.



EMOM 20:  20 Wall balls, 2 TGU, 10 Pistols, Rope practice (1 ascent or foot clamps), IT Band SMR

Tabata row for max distance.



1. Conditioning
For time:
18-15-12 of:
Calorie Row
Power Snatch, 95/65
Directly into…
18-15-12 of:
OHS, 95/65

2. Gymnastics Conditioning
Reverse Tabata HSPU
8 x:10 on, :20 off
Complete as many kipping HSPU as possible in 10 seconds, rest 20 seconds, and repeat for 8 sets. Your score is the total number of reps completed. The goal is to increase you cycle time and stamina.




1. Clean and Jerk
EMOMx10: 1 Clean and Jerk
This is part of a progression for building your Clean and Jerk. On Saturdays you will do an EMOMx10 Clean and Jerk. Every week you can choose to approach this differently (ie: across, climbing, waves or hit a 1RM).

2. Squat
3×3 Front Squats, across

3. Gymnastics Pulling
30 Bar Muscle ups + 30 Strict C2B Pull ups for time.



21 Hang Power Cleans
21 Front Squats
21 Jerks
21 C2B Pull ups
21 Kipping HSPU
15 Hang Power Cleans
15 Front Squats
15 Jerks
15 C2B Pull ups
15 Kipping HSPU
9 Hang Power Cleans
9 Front Squats
9 Jerks
9 C2B Pull ups
9 Kipping HSPU
Men use 155 for all barbells.
Women use 105 for all barbells.