Scrape your barbell, wipe your balls, and wash your knee sleeves

Monday May 9th--WOD.

This week look for lots of thrusters, several bench marks , and kettlebell work.  If you don’t have a theraband yet, please buy one.  They are $5 and available in the office, near the sweatshirts in the “Pro-shop” wardrobe.    Just leave payment in the Kill Cliff bag in the fridge. 

Remember that Leah is coming on Sunday!

Please try to make it on on Thursday for the kettlebell work.  

If it is your usual rest day, use a light weight and get some great shoulder mobility work in.   We are currently trying to staff the 6:30 am classes, so stay tuned!!!!  

Last week I sent an email newsletter and in it was a link to a youtube video about how to unload your barbell without inflicting damage.  We are expecting a shipment of bearing barbells to arrive sometime next week and I want everyone to know how to care for them.  Watch it here: 


1. Snatch
EMOMx10: 1 power Snatch (or clean), climbing

2. Squat
5×5 Back Squats, across

3. Stamina Builder
3 Rounds for max reps
1 minute of Thrusters, PYOW
1 minute between rounds