Athlete Spotlight--Bubba Johnson

Do you know who this is?

Do you know who this is?

A testimonial:

A year ago I made a choice, to go from sitting on a couch and not doing anything in my spare time to try and become fit. I was 260 pounds and the only kind of shape I was in was round. But that day I looked down at that number on the scale and looked in the mirror I could not believe where I was. So I listened to one of my best friends and decided to try Crossfit, go from one extreme to another. So I walked in to do my first workout on March 27, 2015. The workout was thrusters and rowing, needless to say not a very good combo, so needless to say,  me and my 15 pound dumbbells struggled to get through. But I did it. I left there tired and sore but feeling like I had actually done something. So I decided to come back and keep coming back, and I couldn’t get enough. Every workout was a struggle:  barley able to run 200 meters without becoming short of breath.

 I remember one was partner Murph, I felt so bad for Liam having to do most of the work, at the time I just simply couldn’t. As summer was coming people where already telling me they saw a difference in how I was looking even if I couldn’t see it yet, yeah I saw the number drop off the scale, but I still didn’t see it.

Over time I started notching that I’m now able to pick up more weight and run even faster and longer and do things like a pull up i have never been able to do. I started looking at pictures of myself and I finally saw the difference that had been made. I was shocked at how far I had even come and kept with it. When I put 2 pictures next to each other I couldn’t even tell who I was in the old picture. So one day I looked down at the scale and saw I weighed in at 185 pounds, had not been that weight since probably junior year of high school. There was one major difference:  I was not nearly in as good of shape then.  Now I realize that the weight is only a number for me anymore, that there are so many more important things. Learning how to work on overall fitness is the true key, because with that everything else will come. You may never be the strongest or fastest person, but the goal is the strongest and fastest that you can be.

There were many days I wasn’t sure if I could do it and just wanted to go back to my recliner. Couple years ago I would have, but this time was different. I had found a group of people that motivated me and wanted me to be better. No matter how many times I wanted to quit in my head I saw everyone else going thru the same workout and struggling. It didn’t matter if they were the first one done they came right on over to cheer you on to help push you to the finish. Because of these people pushing me to another level of fitness I can now find myself going over to cheer people to finish and not give up, and I find this one of the most rewarding aspects of it all.

Once you step into a box everyone get on the “struggle bus” but knowing you’re not alone on it makes all the difference in the world. That is what makes Crossfit to me like a family, I can go to any Crossfit box and everyone is going to be the same towards you, and want to see you be better than when you came in. I have found another level of fitness in my life with the help and motivation of so many people, I can only hope to do the same for others and show that as long as you set your mind to it you can reach the goals you didn’t think you were capable of.