CrossFIt Gym Easton MD Group Training Workouts, Boot Camp


Warm upFront Rack Mobility,  Pec stretch

Alternating movements:  45:15burpee, air squat


Floor Press/Front squat 5x6 each,  Lift EMOM,  take 10 minites to warm up

Lift as heavy as possible for each set.



DB Step up/ 15 GHD sit ups/10 pull ups



Warm up 45:15 HS hold, ball slam, med ball clean

1000m Row

21-15-9-15-21 HPC/ HSPU

1000m Row


Pull up and Dip Complex 6 sets of 5 reps each

Boot Camp:  1000m Row,  21-15-9  HPC,  burpee, 1000m Row

10!  ring row, floor pushup



Warm up:  10 kbs, 5 db thrusters each arm,  6 minute AMRAP


Back Squat/ Strict Press 5x6, Lift EMOM, 10 minutes to warm up

15 OH stepping lunges (barbell),  25 burpees, 35 KBS, 2 rounds for time


Warm up:  Row 200-400m

-10 Squat (squat therapy style)

-30 Singles

-15 Banded Good morning

-30 Singles

-20 Mtn Climbers

-30 Singles

-30 Band Pull Apart

-20 Mtn Climbers

-30 Singles

-15 Banded Good Morning



Tabatas:  NOT ALTERNATING:   burpee, wall ball, KBS (light) , Row. 

3 minute rest between movements

20 minute row, conversational pace

Boot Camp:  no change