Eating Well on Busy Days--5 kids and no fast food Part 3--BLOAT

Eating well in spite of a busy life …or I have 5 Kids and I don’t eat out Part 3—

Bloat and what you can do RIGHT NOW

I bet Thanksgiving was filled with fun, family, and FOOD!  Annnd…I bet you are bloated!  Below is short video to explain why, but if you’d rather read,  scroll on!

Uploaded by Another Level Fitness on 2017-03-11.




So here is why, in a nutshell your feel like you are in one, and only one shape—ROUND.

1.       You ate a ton of carbohydrates (potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green beans…)

2.       Your body’s insulin shot sky high

3.       The insulin signaled your body to store all of that blood sugar as glucagon (because you sure as heck couldn’t use it all!)

4.       Glycogen uses water when it is stored and you stored lots of it in your liver and muscles



So, here is your mission for the next 4 weeks, until the next feast.

At every meal eat a palm size source of protein,  two fist fulls of healthy veggies of any kind, and a thumbs worth of nuts or other fat. If you choose to eat starchy carbs, only ½ cup is allowed.

Can you do it?  Game on!

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