Eating Well on Busy Days--5 Kids and No Fast Food! Part 2

want this recipe Along with a 3 Day Meal Plan?  Click the Pic!

want this recipe Along with a 3 Day Meal Plan?  Click the Pic!

Last week, I wrote about how you can get started stopping your fast food runs by FOOD PREPPING. (did that make sense)  I'm not talking about putting individual meals away in little Tupperware containers. I'm talking about prepping ahead of time the indgredient that takes the longest to cook.  (For Part 1 check out the archive------>)

--and doing it while you sleep or eat another meal. 

Your kids want to eat better!  And I’m guessing that you do, too!  Good eating habits begin at YOUR table. Take a peek at the meal I made or just get the recipe!

Once you have your food prep underway, up next is how to put food together to keep you fuller, longer. Think you should be eating less?  Guess again. 

You are probably not eating enough.

We will be talking about portion sizes and properly combinng foods to maximize energy levels and obtain optimal health.  Notice that I didn’t say “weight loss.”


Weight loss happens as a side effect of properly combining your meals and eating the portion sizes that are right for you.

Know what else happens? 

  • ·         Energy levels go up—no crash at 2pm!
  • ·         School performance increases
  • ·         Your clothes fit better
  • ·         Depression 55% Resolved
  • ·         57% Decrease in Migraines
  • ·         80% Resolution in Metabolic Syndrome
  • ·         82% Reduction in Asthma symptoms
  • ·         77% Reduction in Gout symptoms
  • ·         95% Venous Status Resolved
  • ·         83% Resolution in PCOS
  • ·         82% Reduction in cardiovascular disease
  •           Up to 92% reduction in Reflux disease



Want me to go on?  Join me for the video series!  We will send you the meal plan and Wrap recipe! 


To sum up, here are the rules to developing great eating habits and teaching them!  Learn about it in more detail by signing up for the series and tips and tricks to eat well!

1. Prep FOOD, not meals

2. Learn how to combine foods for maximum health benefits

3.  Recognize your proper portion sizes

4.  Meal timing  


Let's get to it!!