Recipe Spotlight--Balanced Habits Egg Muffins!

This was an easy solution to breakfast at our house.  Five kids go through a lot of food!  These actually lasted about 5 days.  The muffin mold came from Wal-Mart.  You can download the recipe below.  It's all ready to print as a word document!  You'll notice that the recipe includes portion sizes.  The key to keeping excess weight off of you body is to properly fuel your body.  

Your body only knows self preservation which means that we store excess food intake as fat.  Learning how to properly combine foods and what portion size you should be eating will keep you lean FOREVER. 

EATING LESS results in fatigue, poor sleep, WEIGHT GAIN, and an inability to perform daily activities. 

The Balanced Habits program is an individualized, personal program designed to be the only nutrition program you will ever need.  After an initial assessment and body composition test, we make sure that you are getting the proper amount at the proper times--what is right for you!  Personalized nutrition coaching that works!  Click the picture to fill out our contact form and receive more info.