Meal Prep 101


I so often hear that meal prepping is essential to making sure you eat well.  Let’s face it:  when you come home from work late and hungry, you’ll grab anything.  If you had properly prepared ahead of time, you’d have something you could heat and eat.  Mission accomplished—you ate well. 

Sundays seem to be the meal prep day of choice for many.  They cook what they will eat for the week in one mega-marathon meal prep session and all I-need-to-eat-right-now-or-I’m-going-to-kill-someone problems are solved.

I think this is ridiculous.  

I have five children and the thought of just thawing what we will eat in a week is daunting, let alone the task of storing it.  Do they make refrigerators that big?  Can I rent a Sam’s Club fridge? Can I rent a Sam's Club?

I have a better solution.

When I cook, and I feel like prepping extra food, I just make double.  So easy.  I still have to put Mr. Yuk stickers on it so the teenage garbage disposals, I mean, boys won’t eat it.  Maybe I’ll start storing food in empty tampon boxes.  Hey--that’s another problem solved.


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