The Open

Ahhh the open.  Our yearly test of fitness.  The time to shine or the time when everything that can go wrong, does.  


It's six weeks, what can go wrong in six weeks?  Two of our competitors are learning this with Chuck having learned the hard way the past two years.  Having to opt out for surgery.  Today he faced 15.3 after suffering with food poisoning this weekend.  A WOD meant for him and his abilities left him crumpled in a pile after 282 reps.  Chucking as we fondly call it.



Poor Mike had to break his toes to learn.  Dropping a 70 pound kettle bell on them will do that you know.  You see Mike has had his struggles with double unders.  The skill eluded him for years.  Having perfected them he was primed for 15.3.  Then the whole toe thing happened.  So what else would you do but perfect the single leg double under scoring 173 double under reps.






Tyler doubting his abilities managed to get 7 muscle ups and finish the first round and Aaron got his first muscle up ever!







CrossFit is all about adapting and overcoming obstacles.  Obviously the open doesn't change that only enhances it.  I remain impressed by those around me in this gym.  The drive and ambition is incredible and I am truly proud to be surrounded by such great people.