Back to Class

I am solitary soul.  I enjoy being by myself.  So working out by myself is my natural way of doing things and I have essentially done this the past 2-3 years.  It just sort of evolved that way.  I began going off and doing my own thing as usual.  I decided I wanted to strength train, get stronger, so for the past 2 years I have tried to get stronger.  Had two coaches, trained with random people, on and off and mostly worked by myself.  Would go WOD once in a while but no consistent Crossfit.  Looking back, while I am a little bit stronger I was in MUCH better shape when I Crossfitted consistently and quite frankly, I miss it. 

 I miss the camaraderie of the group, formed from the pain of the WOD.  It’s not the pain you are imagining.  It’s not the ouch, I ripped my arm off pain, but the pain of growth.  Growing hurts.  We have to grow to survive but damn if it doesn’t hurt.  In the group we grow together, we push each other, through a little competition or a little shit talk(which I am very good at).  Or just because you want to do better, be better.  


When you start Crossfit you feel like the worst at EVERYTHING and quickly you learn you do actually have strengths.  We all have strengths, things we are good at and you work on your weaknesses.  You see in the box, you have no choice but to work your weaknesses because they always appear.  When you work by yourself you can choose to skip those weaknesses but when you show up for class, they are in the WOD that day and since you are going to do the WOD that day then you are going to get better because of that WOD.  Then one day you say holy shit, I just did a pull up.  

As a coach I get to see this stuff happening everyday and it is amazing, but I miss doing it with you.  I miss being able to empathize because I did the WOD too and yeah it sucked but wasn't it awesome?  Crossfitters talk about Crossfit all the time because it brings us together and you can’t help but to be proud of what you are accomplishing.  When we all the do the Open WODs 200,000 people around the globe have the same sore muscles and tender hands.  We are growing together.  This is what makes Crossfit so special, not only do you get healthy and fit but you get a family to cheer you on.

I have decided that I am going back to classes.  6:30am, no thought needed, no planning needed, that’s it.  Show up and do it.  I bet within 3 months I’ll be kicking some ass, well, more ass.