Unlimited is a Lifestyle

Unlimited is a lifestyle.  Unlimited is a mind set.  Unlimited is infectious.  

In the dictionary, unlimited is descibed as not limited, boundless, infinite, vast, unrestricted, unconfined.  Well, you get the point.  Nothing holds the unlimited back.  Do you use these words to describe yourself?  Your life?  Or, do you use the words can’t, unable, limited?  

You believe everything you tell yourself.  You listen to everyone that holds you back and tells you that you can’t do something.  Here at the Nation, those words do not exist.  Can’t earns you burpees.  Here you learn how much potential you truly have.  How good you can be, how good you already are.

We are starting an UNLIMITED member of the month.  Member of the month is recognition for our members hard work.  There are several criterias to win.

1. Passionate purpose.  Are you just going through the motions or are you putting the knowledge you are learning into action?  Are you considering the actions you are taking and what they are doing for your health and well being?

2.  You show up 3 or more times per week.  Bottom line, the more you are here, the more opportunity you have to get stronger, fitter and better.

3.  Work hard at change.  Nothing happens without intent.  If you are not working towards something you are either standing still or going backwards.

Our first athlete of the month is Tonya Hammond.  Tonya came in to Crossfit Nation determined to be a bad ass and she is just that.  She pushes through each day, no complaints and I am watching her get stronger and stronger right in front of my eyes.

Enjoy your own cubbie, Tonya--you earned it!