Gym Bag

Do you constantly find that you have forgotten something or wore the wrong shoes on a particular day?  Crossfit is about being prepared for the unknown and the unknowable and with a properly filled gym bag you will at least have the essentials covered!  Some basic things you should carry with you are:

  • notebook to log WODs/weights/scores- it’s nice to watch improvement and without recording it, memory fades
  • towel-we tend to sweat a LOT
  • running/weightlifting shoes
  • refillable water bottle/shaker bottle
  • tape for your hands/gloves if you wear them
  • jump rope-it’s nice to have your own
  • tall socks-you never know when there may be rope climbs
  • wrist wraps
  • lacrosse ball-work those tight spots

What’s in your gym bag?