Don't put that in your mouth

In general, I do not offer my opinion or advice unless asked.  But today, standing in line at the grocery store, I had to hold my tongue.  I wanted to shout, YOU HAVE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH, at the tops of my lungs.  The state of our population is absolutely, completely, out of control.  It’s not getting better.  In fact, it’s getting worse, way worse. We are teaching our kids our horrible, deadly habits.

The conversation I overheard went something like this:  “Oh, you’re only on that prescription?  I’m on four now and the doctor wants to put me on percocet for my pain.”   “Well, I’m afraid of getting addicted to percocet.” “Well, the doctor  told me that if it’s real pain I won’t get addicted.  Only people that use it to get high get addicted.”  It went back and forth like this, both ladies describing their various ailments and the drugs they are on to combat them.  A third lady chimed in now and then about her meds.  I look at the conveyor belt.  It is loaded with soda and chips, there are boxes of cereal and sugar laden juice.  All the while, the kids are stuffing their faces with candy she just bought for them.  All three ladies are borderline obese and the two kids are well on their way.  Everywhere I look  I see people, obese and sickly, they are  using canes and motorized carts.  The line at the pharmacy is always the longest.  I believe we have at least seven drug stores in Easton alone.

You are what you eat.  Bottom line, you eat shit, you are shit.  Food related illnesses are KILLING us.  Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, osteoporosis and if you look closer, many many more diseases can be attributed to your diet, quite possibly all.  Our cells and organs function with the nutrients you ingest.  If you are putting poor quality nutrition into your body how can you expect anything else but disease to happen?  Disease is our bodies way of saying “something is not right”.  Our bodies are beautiful machines each part working synergistically with the next.  You don’t even have to think about it.  It just does it.  What happens when you put something in your car’s gas tank that the car doesn’t recognize?  It breaks.  You car won’t run on sugar.  Quite the opposite.  It blows up.  See what I’m getting at?  Putting the wrong fuel in your tank will blow your body up.

Our society has evolved to a fast paced one that demands instant gratification.  It’s more convenient to go to the doctor and pop pills than to exercise daily and prepare your own food.  The word diet, elicits fear and unknowing.  Have we grown so distant that we can’t understand that a bag of chemicals, labeled food, will harm you?  Pour a soda on a battery and watch it eat the acid.  Go ahead, drink the rest of that soda.  Then go complain to your doctor about the heartburn you experience or why the scale keeps inching up.  Everywhere you look the words diet or fat free are on the packages we buy.  These are not good for you in any shape or form.  How many Pringles have you seen growing on a tree?  If you don’t recognize the words on the label, neither does your body.

Being aware that you have complete control of how you feel by what you eat is the first step.  Next is changing it.  It’s not complicated at all.  Quite simple really.  Lean meats and seafood.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and you will get all the nutrition you need to thrive.

Stop giving your control away.  Your doctor can’t fix you but your refrigerator damn well can.