Change your life

How do I get my message out there?  I want to sing it from the roof tops.  I want to tell any and all that will listen.  Change your life.  Follow me.  Crossfit is the solution.  Low energy?  Crossfit.  Getting fat?  Crossfit.  Need to improve your game?  Crossfit.  Stain on your shirt?  Crossfit(only because we don’t usually wear shirts during Crossfit), but still, Crossfit, Crossfit, Crossfit.  Our country is facing a major health care crisis.  We practically  have more obese people than fit people in this country.  This is a problem.  No wonder our health care system is in shambles, we as a society need to take our health into our own hands.  There are no magic pills that fix will your problems.  Hard work and determination will fix your problems.  Crossfit will fix your problems.  Get your children off the sofa and bring them to Crossfit Kids and watch them blossom.  Our program is a natural for children.  Run, jump, climb and play.


Learn about how to nourish your body.  Food is your fuel.  If you put in the wrong fuel your bound to crash.  The public has been so misled about proper diet and exercise for years that no one knows what is best for them.  “Eat this!” they say.  It’s good for you.  No, it’s not.  It’s good for the food companies bottom line, but I can guarantee you it’s not good for your bottom line if you have checked it out in the mirror lately.  Fresh foods.  Local foods, not boxed foods that are meant to last on the shelf past a nuclear explosion!  Go back to basics.  Our grandparents knew what to do.  Just because something is supposedly new and improved doesn’t mean it is so.  Listen to nature, God put things on this planet for us to eat.  He didn’t put all these laboratory concoctions here for us to eat.  Those food like products are what is killing us.  The next time you go to put that twinkie in your mouth think about it a little bit and go for an apple and peanut butter.  Hot dog?  How about grilling a nice piece of chicken instead.  Make better choices for you and your kids.  They will thank you for it later.   Proper diet and consistent exercise are the keys to a long healthy life.  Isn’t it time you find the energy to get off the sofa, turn off the T.V. and start living a meaningful life?   Come to Crossfit.  You will be happy you did.