February 2017 Nutrition Bites

Planning and prepping are the keys to success!

When you begin a new personal training and nutrition program, there are a lot of things to think about. It can be overwhelming.

When we try to stick to our new, balanced habits it helps to have some tricks up our sleeve to help us stay on track.

Here are some tricks I employ to simplify my life and help:

P-L-A-N and P-R-E-P

Make most of my weekly protein on Sunday. Of course I have a family that I cook for, so adjust accordingly. At my house I like to be prepared for the week ahead.

nutrition gym easton

The hardest part is done. The rest of the meals can be “built” around the protein.

I prep the protein I made so I can toss things together quickly. In example, I diced up the chicken and slice up the cooked links. If I don’t get to all of the protein I prepped I can freeze quite a bit of it for future use.

Sunday night, I toss together enough little meals, in my unit portions, to get me through my work day for two days. In the morning all I have to do is grab them and I am set for two days at the office! I stay on track and save money. I do this every other night.

These tips and tricks become a balanced habit if you do them enough and just a way of life. I hope they help you too.

This month's recipe is Luv Ya Lava Cakes! Click the link below for the recipe.

Luv Ya Lava Cakes



Easton Personal Training Gym and Nutrition Coaching, Boot Camp, Crossfit Workouts 20170220


Warm up: Row 500m then,  Tabatas!  KBS, Burpees, Lunges, pushups

Met Con:  FGB

3 rounds, 1 minute at each station

Wall ball 14/20

SDHP (55/75)  (ANY shoulder considerations and you WILL DOKBS)

Box Jumps

Push Press




EMOM (15 min)

2 Position Power clean:  Hang and High Hang


Boot Camp: 

5 rounds ofFGB exercises,  30s on 30s Rest.

2k row for Calories




Warm up:  400m Row, then 3 rounds of10 each:  Push up, ring row, Push press, pvc pass thru, pvc OHS,


AMRAPS 10 Minutes of

5 pull ups,

10 kbs

15 situps

20 squats


Rest as needed, then


4 Sets: 

Banded squat walk 10 step squares

12 Weighted Step ups

10 Man maker rows

10 Muscle snatch or strict presses


Mobility as needed



Warm up:  Burgener Warm up and skill transfer exercises10 minutes

EMOM 20 Complex

A or B

A.  Snatch Deadlift to above knee (pause),  Power Snatch, OHS,  building (do not use a warm up weight as your first set—Building means get to a working weight and see how high you can get)


B.  Clean deadlift to above knee (pause) , power clean,  Front squat (same rules)


5k partner row


Boot Camp:  3 circuits: 

Legs:  5 Back squats,  40” walking lunges, 200m row(12 minutes)

Arms:  10 each:  push up, ring row, power clean (10 minutes)

Core:  Tabata planks:  front, side, bridge, side

Cardio:  1k row, as hard as possible



Get out a box, light kb (for thrusters), heavy kb (for swings), a med ball (14/20)

Warm up:  (equipment first, this is a warm up workout)

2 rounds at warm up pace of:

20 kbs

15 goblet squat

10 burpees

3 rounds at workout pace of:

10 kb thrusters

10 box jumps

10 burpees


EMOM 25ish

Min 1 and 2:  200m Sprint

Min 3 6 DB snatch AHAP

Min 45 KTE






Bootcamp TBA



Warm up:  Trainers Choice


Met Con: 

200m Run

200m Row

1 minute Plank

200m ruun

200m row

1 minute DU

200m Run

200m Row

1 min air squats


Repeat 4 times, decreasing the 1 minute to 45s, then 30s, then 15s 



Warm up:  Bear complex 7 minutes


Barbell Dirty 30

30 DL

30 clean

30 push jerks

30 back squats

30 front squats

30 BB roll outs


There is no time component to this workout,  go as heavy as possible for each movement.