Warm up:  400m row,  front rack walks, 10 push press, 10 muscle snatch with light bar or PVC

1. Conditioning
7 Rounds:
11 Front Squats (135/95)
10 Push Jerks (135/95)

2. Snatch
5x Snatch Complex of: Snatch Pull + Snatch + OHS, climbing

3. Gymnastics
5×15 unbroken C2B Pull ups for time, rest as little as possible between sets.


Warm up:  20 kbs, 10 each:  bench dip, pushup, lunges.  Group shoulder mobs

1. Conditioning
5 RFT:
10 1-arm DB P.Snatch, 70/50
20 Cal Row

2. Strength
5 Giant Sets of:
5 Weighted Strict Pull ups

5 Weighted Strict Dips
10 Back Rack Lunges, (5/side)
Rest 2-3 mins after each round.

3. Rowing
3x350m, :30 rest
Rest 2 mins
6x70m, 1 minute rest
rest 2 mins
3x350m, :30 rest



Warm up:  20 ball slams, 10 PVC banded OH squats, 10 goodmornings, 10 tuck jumps or hanging knee raises. Group shoulder mobs.

·         Nautical Nancy:  5 rounds of  400m row and 15 OHS

·         3×5 Glute Ham Raises
2×10 Single Leg RDL
1×30 Banded Good mornings
60 Glute Bridges

·         Accumulate 3 minutes in a L-sit.



400m row, group mobility, Burgener warm up,  T band series

1. Snatch or clean
For time at 75% of 1RM
3 Snatches
1 minute rest
5 Snatches
2 minute rest
7 Snatches
3 minute rest
5 snatches
2 minute rest
3 Snatches


2. “Heather’s Hot Mess”
Teams of 2, AMRAP 30:
9 Muscle ups
9 Thrusters, 165/115
9 Deficit HSPU 6/3″
9 Power Cleans, 165/115
9 Bar Muscle ups
9 Jerks, 165/115
9 Pistols (9/side)
9 KBS, 2/1.5
100′ HS Walk


Warm up:   400m run,   Burgener warm up as a group with light bar.  Group hip mobility

1. Conditioning
3 Rounds:
30 HPC, 95/65
30 Abmat Sit ups
30 Box Jumps, 24/20

2. Squat
EMOMx10: 1 Back Squat, across

3. Rowing
50-40-30-20-10-20-30-40-50 Calorie Row, equal work:rest


Warm up:   400m run, Bear crawl,  10 banded lat pulls, 10 ring rows, 10 PVC or light thrusters, group mobility for shoulders

1.      “Haiti”
6 Muscle-Ups/CTB/banded negative (no banded kips)
11 Thrusters 115/75

3 minute rest and then…

2. “India”
18 Wall balls 20#/14# (10′ target)
12 Burpees


200m row, hi knees, butt kickers, group hip mobility

:30 rest
2x600m Run, :25 rest between
:25 rest
3x500m Run, :20 rest between
:15 rest
4x400m run, :15 rest between
:15 rest
5×300 run, :10 rest between
Check your pace at the 200m mark for each interval. Your pace should not change at all throughout the entire workout.

100 burpees to a 6” target


1. Conditioning
50 Calorie Row
50 Abmat Sit ups
50 Deadlifts, 135/95
35 Calorie Row
35 Abmat Sit ups
35 Deadlifts, 135/95
20 Calorie Row
20 Abmat Sit ups
20 Deadlifts, 135/95

2. Snatch Complex
5 sets of: Snatch Pull + Snatch + OHS, climbing

3. Gymnastics
Odd: 2 Strict HSPU
Even: 4 Kipping HSPU
Don't do more reps - try to improve efficiency, positioning and increase cycle times.



1RM Jerk

10 Jerks, 135/95
10 TTB
30 Double unders

100 Calories NOT for time


1. Squat
Work up to a single heavy Back Squat (12min)

2. Rowing
Row 5 mins for max meters
Rest 5 mins
Row 3 mins for max meters
Rest 3 mins
Row 1 min for max meters

3. Gymnastics
1-2-3-4-5-6-7 unbroken Muscle ups/C2B/pull ups


5 supersets of:
10 Ring In/Outs
1-minute weighted Hip Extension Hold

A. 3x15 Close Grip Bench Press
B. 2x12 1-arm DB Overhead Press (12 each arm)
C. 1 set of 15+ reps of DB Skull Crushers to failure
D.  3x8 T-band, plus face pulls


1. Squat
EMOMx10: 1 Back Squat

2. Conditioning
10 Power Snatch, 105/75
10 Box Jump Overs, 24/20

3. Rowing
5 rounds of :20 for max effort, 1:40 rest
rest 3 minutes
4 rounds of :15 for max effort, 1:15 rest
rest 3 minutes
3 rounds of :10 for max effort, :50 rest




Lurong participants will follow the WODS as prescribed.  Then continue to finish the workout.

After the Chipper is complete:

1 mile run


The workout is Chipper with a 15 minutes time cap. At the sound of 3, 2, 1 Go the athlete (Level 3) will perform 50 Wall Ball, followed by 50 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches, then 50 Alternating Pistols, and finally 50 Chest to Bar Pull Ups. The athlete may not move to the next exercise until all 50 repetitions of the movement are completed.

See skill level details for scaled movement guidelines.

Scoring Note: The athlete’s score is the time it takes to complete all 200 repetitions. Every unfinished Rep when time expires results in a 1 second penalty per Rep. The submission form will automatically calculate time cap penalties. In order to be eligible for performance prizes athletes must submit a video link with their score.

Movement Details - Men

Level III (3)
50 Wall Balls- 20 lbs at 10'
50 Dumbbell Snatches (alt. arms) at 70 lbs
50 Pistols (alt.legs)
50 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Level II (2)
50 Wall Balls- 20 lbs at 9'
50 Dumbbell Snatches (alt. arms) at 50 lbs
50 Single Leg Squat Touchdowns (alt.legs)
50 Pull Ups

Level I (1)
50 Med Ball Cleans at 20 lbs
50 Dumbbell Snatches (alt. arms) at 25 lbs
50 Air Squats
50 Ring Rows

Movement Details - Women

Level III (3)
50 Wall Balls- 14 lbs at 9'
50 Dumbbell Snatches (alt. arms) at 50 lbs
50 Pistols (alt. legs)
50 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Level II (2)
50 Wall Balls- 14 lbs at 8'
50 Dumbbell Snatches (alt. arms) at 35 lbs
50 Single Leg Squat Touchdowns (alt. legs)
50 Pull Ups

Level I (1)
50 Med Ball Cleans at 14 lbs
50 Dumbbell Snatches (alt. arms) at 15 lbs
50 Air Squats
50 Ring Rows


“Bergeron Beep Test”
EMOM for as long as possible:
7 Thrusters, 77/55
7 Pull ups
7 Burpees

If you cannot complete the 21 reps in the minute, decrease to 6 reps.  Once you cannot keep that up, decrease again, moving from 6 to 5 to 4…



Warm up: 2x bear crawl, 25 kbs, 20 pushups, 15 light power cleans,  PVC stretches




5 Power Cleans

5 barbell Burpee



Barbell:  Every 90s

A.    5x1 Pausing OHS, climbing,  10s hold at bottom, choose your own weight.

B.    4x1 Snatch balance, climbing

C.    3x1 High Hang Squat Snatch, climbing



Climb the ladder 3-6-9-15 unbroken C2B.  Once you have to break up the reps, start over.  8 minutes


 Lurong 2- GTO, Bar Facing burpees

 9min AMRAP--

 2k Row

Tabata planks


Movement Details - Men

Level III (3)
20 G2OH- 95 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
15 G2OH- 135 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
10 G2OH- 155 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
5 G2OH- 185 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
AMRAP G2OH- 225 lbs

Level II (2)
20 G2OH- 65 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
15 G2OH- 75 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
10 G2OH- 95 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
5 G2OH- 135 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
AMRAP G2OH- 155 lbs

Level I (1)
20 G2OH (Med Ball)- 20 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
15 G2OH (Barbell)- 45 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
10 G2OH- 65 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
5 G2OH- 95 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
AMRAP G2OH- 115 lbs

Movement Details - Women

Level III (3)
20 G2OH- 65 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
15 G2OH- 85 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
10 G2OH- 105 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
5 G2OH- 135 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
AMRAP G2OH- 155 lbs

Level II (2)
20 G2OH- 45 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
15 G2OH- 55 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
10 G2OH- 65 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
5 G2OH- 95 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
AMRAP G2OH- 105 lbs

Level I (1)
20 G2OH (Med Ball)- 14 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
15 G2OH (Barbell)- 35 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
10 G2OH- 45 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
5 G2OH- 65 lbs
7 Bar Facing Burpees
AMRAP G2OH- 85 lbs



200 double-unders
75-calorie row
50 DB Step-Ups, 45/30 (each hand)

May be broken up if needed.

5×10 Jerks, rest as needed between sets


1 min row for calories, 1 minute rest x5


1. “The Other Total”
Clean, 1 rep
Bench press, 1 rep
Overhead squat, 1 rep

2. Olympic Lifting
A. EMOMx5: 8 Power Snatches, 60% of 1RM
B. EMOMx5: 8 Clean and Jerks, 60% of 1RM



If your most recent “Fran” time was below 2:30, then complete:
27-21-15-9 of:
C2B Pull ups
Thrusters 95/65

If your most recent “Fran” time was above 2:30, then complete:
Thrusters, 95/65
Pull ups

Midline Madness
Accumulate 2 minutes of L-Sit
100 Hip Extensions
Break up as desired.


With a clock running a 22 min EMOM peform ALL of the barbell work

Clean Jerk
A. AMRAP in 2:00 of Clean and Jerks at 80% rest 2 min

B. AMRAP 2 min Clean and Jerk at 70% rest 2 minutes

C. AMRAP 2 min Clean and Jerk and 60%.  Take your bar to your rack and begin squatting

EMOMx10: 1 Back Squat same weight

3. Rowing
2 rounds of:
4x500m at 2K Pace, :30 rest between efforts
3 min rest between rounds


50 Burpee box jumps

2 rounds of: 7x200m with 45 second rest
Rest 3 minutes between rounds

20 TGU

Lurong WOD1: 24 minute AMRAP , in 2, 12 min rounds
This will be completed with a partner. One partner works while the other rests. Score is the total number of reps for each individual athlete. Each athlete gets their own score.
MINUTE Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
0-1 Deadlift Deadlift Deadlift
1-2 Rest Rest Rest
2-3 Box Jump Overs Box Jump Overs Box Jump Overs
3-4 Rest Rest Rest
4-5 Hang Power Cleans Hang Power Cleans Hang Power Cleans
5-6 Rest Rest Rest
6-7 Muscle Ups Straight Leg Box Dips Bent Knee Box Dips
7-8 Rest Rest Rest
8-9 Thrusters Thrusters Thrusters
9-10 Rest Rest Rest
10-11 Row for Cal Row for Cal Row for Cal
11-12 Rest Rest Rest

Then 3k row not for time.


Warm up:    Baseline and stretching

Barbell:  Clean:  5x5 unbroken power cleans, climbing. 

Met Con: 4 rounds of

15 box jumps and 400m run

Midline Madness:  3rNft:  20GHDs and 25 HIP extensions.  May do Good mornings but keep your legs stiff.

T-band protocol 3x8


Strength:  Work up to 3rm back squat


Met con:  AMRAP 10

10 Power Snatch95/65

15 cal row



Warm up:  Bear crawl, Soldier kicks, Lunges (all down and back) Then 3x8:  push press, banded squats, Lat pull downs with band

EMOM 30:  HSPU x 5,  Pistols 5r, 5L,  Max effort strict pull ups, 10 KBS, Sprint to fence, rest.



Skill:  Split footwork


Strength:  work up to a heavy complex of:  Squat clean, front squat, jerk (split)



500m row (buy in) then 4 rounds of:

1 rope climb (legless if you can)

10 bear complexes

500m row, cash out.  Pay attention to strokes per minute,  Keep them consistent.


4 Power Cleans: 155 lbs.  men/105 lbs. women
24 Double Unders
10 Pull-Ups

4 rounds of: :45 on/:15 off
1. Max reps of Thruster 95/65
2. Max reps of Double Unders
3. Max reps of Push ups
4. Max reps of Russian KBS, 2/1.5
5. Rest


400m sled drag

25 twsting Russian Lunges (walking)

Tabata OH squat holds, 8 sets.  unloaded bar




September 7-13

Labor Day WOD:  Hot Shots 19      9am class ONLY

Labor Day WOD:  Hot Shots 19      9am class ONLY

Everyone needs their own Therabands.  We will be using them often in the next several weeks.  They are $6.00 Strengths are as follows:  red: lightgreen:  mediumblack: heavy  blue: extra heavy.  Test the bands we have this week.  There will be a bag in the office to collect payment if you want me to buy these for you—they are $6.00  and I’m ordering weekly.  I have green available now but I need to cut it for you.  Also, You can purchase from me a jump rope, foam roller, wrist wraps and a t-band for $50.  



Warm up:  50KBS, group Burgener WITH A BARBELL.         


Strength (20 min)

1rm Snatch (12min)

1rm Clean and jerk (8 min)

 Met con


7 cleans (155/105)

14 KBS  (35/55)


EMOM (time remaining)

L-sit hold 20s plank hold 40s (odd), rest even




Warm up:  Row or run 400 then 3x Bear crawl,walking lunges (10), banded squats (10) Group hamstring mobility/stretch

Westside Wednesday

Class may need to divide into two groups perform EMOM and squats as 2 groups.

EMOM:  STS, DUs, pistols, BB split squats (lunges) (5 r/5l AHAP) 15 minutes

Box Squats:  5x5, hips below parallel, stance wider than shoulders. PYOW.





Choose a and Strength or just b

Met Con A


5C2B and 10 push ups and 15 squats

Even 15 burpees

(try to keep up!!!)


Met Con B (recovery option) ROWING:  Choose your own level of exertion. No strength will be performed. 

EMOM 5 10s on 50s off

EMOM 5 20s on 40s off

EMOM 5 30/30

EMOM 5 40/20



Deadlift: 5-5-5-5-5rm for the day

Push press 5-5-5-5-5rm for the day

You may share with a partner and perform supersets (push press immediately after the deads and then rest






Warm up:  EMOM 85 pushups, 10 lunges, 5 power cleans (unloaded bar)  Group wrist mobility and quad/ham smash 5 min


5x5 unbroken power clean.


Met Con


6 power cleans 105/155

12 box jumps


Midline Madness:

5 rounds of

5 parallette in and outs

5 barbell hip thrusts (VERY HEAVY)



Warm up:  25 kbs bear crawl, walking lunge, 25 kbs,  Group skill:  snatch hi pull

Met Con


Snatch hi pull (115/80)

10 lateral burpees over the bar


EMOM 10,  1 heavy Back squat



Partner 3000m row, switch every 500m

While one partner rows the other performs DUs,  score is total DUs.



WArm up: 10 squats, 10 close grip (tricep) pushups, 10 situps, 5 unloaded thrusters 2-3x Keep it short!

Regional Conditioning

5 Rounds: 15 thrusters (65/95), 1 legless climb 400m run


5 rounds: of 6 thrusters (155/95) , 6 muscle ups, 400m run


5 rounds:  of 1 thruster (205/145), 15 CTB  400m run


Yeah, that’s 6k.


August 31-September 6

Labor Day will have only one class at 9am!!!  XY games are coming! Sign up on the white board.  ANYONE can do it!



Warm up: 

400m run/row, 10-8-6-4hang power cleans with unloaded barbell, pushup, air squat


Met Con: 

Elizabeth21-15-9 ring dips, cleans 95/135


Barbell work:  EMOM 12 min, 

2 Snatches:  your coach will determine which part of the movement needs work


EMOM 8:  Beat swings x 5 finishing the minute with situps. 



Warm up:   unloaded:  deadlift, power clean, front squat, jerk, back squat, bar down.  10 minutes.   Stretch as necessary between sets.



12 minutes to work up to a heavy set of 3 Front squats+1 Jerk.  Think about what weight you’d like to hit and divide your 2 minute starts in appropriate increments.


Circuit: 5 rounds

8 Glute ham raises

8 Good mornings

KB (heavy) to 200m


Met con:

50 burpee box jump overs

Then 30 snatches for time



Warm up:  200m farmer carry 25 kbs, 15 burpees.  Clean instruction after the run.

Met con:

“Jerry”  1 mile run, 2k row, 1mile run


Barbell:  3rft

10 unbroken hang cleans,

25 unbroken wall balls,

2 min rest


C ash out:  5xa1 10 strict HSPU a2 10m HS walk OR 20M Bear crawl



Warm up:  jumprope 3 minutes .  10 wall balls, 10 walking lunges,  OH KB carry down and back, T band and t-spine mobility

Midline Madness:

20 TGU + windmills

50 parallette or ring in and outs


1 RM Heavy thruster or EMOM 3 heavy thrusters10 minutes


Flight simulator: DU’s or SU’s in remaining class time:

Complete for time:

5 unbroken double unders
10 unbroken double unders
15 unbroken double unders
20 unbroken double unders
25 unbroken double unders
30 unbroken double unders
35 unbroken double unders
40 unbroken double unders
45 unbroken double unders
50 unbroken double unders
Then back down.

You must stop between sets. You cannot jump single-unders between sets.



Warm up:  Bring Sally up with squats and presses.  Switch every minute.

Met con:  4 rounds

500m row

10OHS (155/105)



3x2 Front squat

2x3 Back squat

3x2 Snatch Push press

2x3 clean deadlift



Group  200m run.  Hi knees, pull up holds,  push up holds,  timed burpees (1 squat, 2 plank, 3 pushup 4 jump)



7rft 400m run, 21 walking lunges, 15 pull ups, 9 burpees


Accesssory work:  3 (12 skull crushers 12, JM presses, 12 triceps press) 

Cash out:  slosh pipe lunges.



 EMOM 20:

Odd  200m or as close as possible, 

Even Rest

Circuit: 3-5 rounds, depending on time

Sled push,  HEAVY, you should not be able to run

1 Legless climb

10 pull ups

August 24-30




Monday 8/24

Warm up:  500m row, followed by Burgener with unloaded bar

A   Snatch Work (15 minutes)

·        Snatch Balance-work up to a heavy single

·        Snatch (full)—work up to a heavy single

B.  Complex:  1 power clean, 3 front squats, 1 split jerk12 minutes to work to a heavy load. 

C. Met con:  15-9-6 Thrusters/Bar Muscle ups (CTB pull ups, ring rows)  65/95

D. Cash out:  3x ME strict T2B, rest as needed between sets

Tuesday 8/25
Warm up: run/row; (10 lateral banded squats, 10 stationary inchworms)x2 , Group Hip mobility
A 5rft of: 10 power cleans 95/135 and burpees


Wednesday 8/26
Warm up: Row 200m easy, Row 200 AHAP, DU practice and coaching, 10 PVC OHS, T-band and wall slides, ankle and t-spine mobility.
A. AMRAP 10 50 DUs 21 Box jumps, 15 C2B
B. 1. 3 Reps Heavy OHS 2. 2 reps heavy snatch balance 3. Heavy hi hang snatch. Work up to your weights, but complete 1 before 2 before 3 This may be modified to 3 reps heavy clean pull , 2 reps heavy clean drop, 1 rep heavy clean.
C. Squat: 5x5 Front Squat 80%+
D: Cash out: 5 sets of ME MU in 30s rest as needed.
B. Squats: 4x10 back squats, increasing weight with each set. 70% is a good place to start
C. Tabata row: RECORD distance


Warm up:  25 KBS, 10 each:  push up, pull up, squat, x325 KBS

A.      3 sets of 20 wieghted ab mat sit ups, 30 stiff legged deadlifts (bar stays on legs, legs stay straight)

B.      Tabatahollow rock, supermans

C.      1 minute intervals:  5 box jumps, finish minute with KBS10 sets

D.      Tabata wall ball, rest 4 minutes, tabata burpee



Warm Up:  5 min DUS tabata planks—8 sets

A.      4 sets:  800m run, 50 kbs, (400m forwards, 400m backwards)

B.      200m forward run, 1 minute plank, 200m run backward, 1 minute plank Repeat 4x

C.       Ankle mobility—self Mulligan technique.

Saturday TBA


5x10 Tricep Presses

5x10 1 arm bench supported rows


9 KBS 70/55

9 Burpees

9 Box jumps


Legless rope climb


HS push ups


Beat swing

Practice movement for the minute




Monday 8/17

XY Games are back!!  Choose your partner and sign up on the whiteboard.  Sept 18th.

Please continue to check in on Facebook—we are building schools in Nicaragua!!

Warm up:  25 kbs, 10 walking lunges, 10 broad jumps, 10 squat jumps, 25 kbs

Mobility primer:  20 banded goodmornings, followed by hammy stretches, lat rolling. 

1.      Skill:  clean footwork

2.      EMOM 15  Squat Clean:  Perform 1 rep at each of the following percentages:  70,75,80,85,90.  Repeat for 3 sets, EMOM.

3.      21-15-9 Deadlift, 400m run (225/155)

Tuesday 8/18

Warm up:  400m run/row, 20 push press, 20 banded air squats

1.      1x3 Push press, rest 1x2 push jerk, rest 1x1 split jerk,  all heavy

2.      Back squat 2x10

3.      “Gwen”  15 – 12 – 9Unbroken power Clean and Jerks—you choose weight

4.      Cash out:  4 sets unbroken muscle ups


Wednesday 8/19

Warm up:  5 min DU, bear crawl,  10 ring rows, 10 stepping banded squats, 10 10# twisters

1.      3 Supersets:
15 Barbell Bent Over Rows
20 Glute Bridges with the barbell
25 GHD Sit-Ups (3+ months of CF, only)
30 Banded Good Mornings

2.      EMOM 15:  STSx5,  Sandbag half moons x6, 2 TGU

If time permits, bench 2x5 @80,  3x3 at 85%


Thursday 8/20

Warm up:  400m run/row, 20 push press, 20 banded air squats, (10s ring or parallette holds x3)

Mobility:  hip and ankle mobility, hamstring flexibility.

1.      3x2 snatch deadlift, snatch pause deadlift (2s at knee before proceeding), snatch hi pull.  (may perform in a clean position)

2.      4x4 Front squats,  80%, building weight.

3.      3 RFT:
50 Double Unders
25 TTB
10 Thrusters, 135/95

Friday 8/21

Warm up:  coach’s choice group warm up, and mobility

25 min AMRAP,  because Tyler said no deadlifts on Friday.

Partners:  10 sandbag step ups, 8 heavy kbs, 4 wall walks.   400m run with vest.

One partner performs the triplet, while the other partner runs.  Switch and continue at the same place in the triplet


Saturday 8/22

DT:  5rft 12 Deadlifts, 9 hpc, 6 push jerks,  155/105

You can watch Iceland Annie do it here:


Sunday: 8/23

1 rope climb between sets of:

8-12 reps each:  skull crushers (tricep OH ext),  box squat, 4 TGU

5 sets


Annie 50-40-30-20-10 situps/DUs


Monday 8/10

Warm up:  25 kbs, bear crawl, 25 banded squats, 25 PVC BTN presses (5 min) Move on to T-band as group and warm up the front squat and BTN press with barbell. (5 min)  WOD demo of movements.

1.      Find a) 1rm Front squat b) 1rm BTN Snatch grip PP c)  1rm BTN Push Jerk d) 1rm Snatch balance

NOTE:  this shouldn’t take long,  once you have your PP max, the PJ should only be a bit heavier, then the Snatch balance just a bit more than the jerk(20 min total) If you are unable to perform OH work, Perform 10! Ring rows and ring push ups

2.      3rft:  500m row, 12 burpees over the rower (or not)


Tuesday 8/11

Warm up:  25 kbs, 20 ring rows, 10 unloaded barbell cleans, 10 front squats with barbell.  (5 min) Group hip and wrist mobility.  (5 min)  WOD demo.

1.      Cleans:  EMOM 3 reps, 10 minutes

2.      10 Min Muscle up work:  a) 3 x max efforts   orb) transition to dip x20 and 3x10 ring rows

3.      21-15-9 Thrusters/kbs with 400m run after each round


Wednesday 8/12

Warm up: 500m row.  Group Burgener warm up and skill transfer exercises.  (10 min total)

1.      3x3 Snatch Balance, 2x2 Hang Snatch, single snatch, weight as able (12 min)

2.      5x3 Banded Front squats,  65% (10 minutes –2 minute starts)

3.      EMOM 12:  12/15 calorie row,  200m run, DUs,  rest

4.      Cash out:  If you haul ass, you can perform 5x5 bench, building weight.


Thursday 8/13

Notes:  If you are a 4-5 day athlete today is a low intensity day.  If you are a 2 or 3 day a week athlete today is a working day: 

Warm up:  200m run, 20 goblet squats, 15 ring rows, 10 push ups.  (7 min)  Group hip and shoulder mobs.

WOD1:  50 wall balls, 40 kbs, 30 box jumps, 20 push ups, 10 v ups,  2 rounds. Chip away.

WOD2:  Active rest:  5k row,  T band exercises 3x 10, physio ball pikes or walk outs:  30 reps


Friday 8/14

Warm up: 20 light wall balls, 25 banded goodmornings, 25kbs (5min) Group back mobility

1.      Deadlift 10-8-6-4-2, climbing 

2.      1k run, 25 power cleans, 25 jump overs, 25 c2b, 25 wall balls,  2 rounds.

Saturday 8/15

1.      5-4-3-2-1 Front squat, power jerk.  185/135

2.      Teams:  10k row, switch every 250m

3.      E2MOM for 12 minutes: 25’ HSwalk or 1 min hold, DUs

Sunday 8/16

This is a LOT of volume.  Get right to it.  Warm up:  25 burpees, 10 box jumps, 10 power cleans.

1.      10x1 seated box jumps

2.      5x1 clean pull plus high hang clean—light and quick.  This is a technique primer

3.      EMOM 15 minutes Squat Clean 70%-75-80-85-90

4.      21-15-9 deadlift 400m run

3rds 15 pendlay row, 20 glute bridges, 25 ghd, 30 banded goodmornings.  Get at least 1 round


Saturday 8/8

Divide a large group into 2 and alternate the following

E3MOM for 15 minutes

200m Run and amrap of squat clean to OH,  do not drop the bar

Circuit for 15 minutes:

  1. Farmer carry to wall

  2. 4 TGU

  3. AMRAP strict pull ups



A.  Back squat

3x3 80%

2x2 85%


B. "Zeus"

3rft of

30 wall ball

30 kbs

30 box jumps

30 PP

30 Cal Row

30 push ups

10 BW back squats


I have no idea why the formatting keeps changing.  It is being pasted in from a single source. 

A. Deadlift 3x3, sets start at 80%
50m shuttle (10m)
10 in out tire flips (5:30am) /prowler push
6 sandbag cleans
30 bar hop overs
25 minutes


Wednesday  August 5

A. Clean and Jerk

12 min to find 1rm,  then EMOM 1 rep at 80%

B.   1.  Push press 5x2 1 at back rack, 1 at front.   2.  2x20 strict db press, light.  

C. Met con

15 CTB

25 Cal Row

50 DUs

1 min rest

Tuesday August 4 (scrollfor Monday)

A. Snatch Pulls
3x3 @ 95%
2x2 @ 110
single @125
2x2 @110
3x3 @95

B Snatch
3x3 @80
2x2 @85
single @90

C. Met Con 65/95
400m Run
15 hand snatch
400m Run
9 hang snatch
400m run
6 hang snatch

Monday August 3

A. Sprint Tri:
100 DUs
1000m row
1 mile run

B. Accessories:
20 reps each bent over dumbbell row to external rotation (elbows to ceiling, rotate so backs of hands are to ceiling)
20 ring rows

C. Clean Ladder
EMOM for 10 minutes perform 1 clean, increasing weight each minute. Find max clean in 10 minutes.


Monday July 27

Strength:  OHS 5x3 with 3 sec pause at bottom.  Sets start at 80%

WOD:  For 15 minutes performed EMOM:  5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats/ 3 pullups, 5 pushups, 10 squats.  

Core:  100 Hollow rocks


Tuesday July 28

Warm up:  500m Row followed by Burgener warm up as a group.  Use unloaded bars

Followed by mobility



 Barbell complex, perform E2MOM for 16 minutes to find a max for the day. 

Hi hang snatch (pockets), Hang snatch (mid thing), Snatch 


WOD:  12 min AMRAP of5kte, 15 kbs, 25 DUs 


Cash out:  5x8 rear bent over db raises. 


Wednesday July 29


Strength:  Pause Front squats 12 minutes to find a 1rm with 7sec pause at the bottom, 15 second pause at the top.  Then, 3x3 with 85+ percent of todays 1rm


WOD:  5rft of 5 clean and jerks (95/135) 400m sandbag run


Thursday July 30


A.      30s work, 1 minute of rest:  Find max cleans in 30s at 135/190, 125/180, 115/170, 105/160

B.     1rm back squat

C.     100 squats, 80 situps, 60 pushups, 40 pull ups,

20 goodmornings, as heavy as possible


Friday July 31

A.     3 rounds of 3 strict HSPU, 6 kipping deficit HSPU, 9 strict hspu, 12 kipping hspu


B.     3 rounds of 3 push ups, 6 box elevated push ups, 9 knee on box push ups, 12 ring push ups


For time:

10 STS, then

21-15-9 Clean and Jerk/ TTB or v ups 65/95 


Cash out:  2 min max effort front squat 65/95


Saturday August 1

Gym is scheduled to be closed, but stay tuned.  This may change. 


Sunday August 2


Strength:  5-4-3-2-1 Power clean 145/205 (do your best)

For time: 3 rounds:   10 ring dips, 20 Chest to bar, 30 ring rows rest 1 minute

Cash out:  Sled push relay:  2 teams for 400meters (down alley, turn right, turn right again, come back)


Monday 7/20


Skill: 10 Mins Snatch Review

A) Every 2 Mins for 16 Mins: 1 Hi Hang Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch from the ground
*Find a max on the complex for the day

B) Every 2 Mins for 16 Mins:
-10 DB Snatch From Ground (Alternate hands every rep) (50,30), and 10 Push Ups

-5 Burpees
-10 Push Press (95,65)
-20 Double Unders

Tuesday 7/21

Strength: 12 Mins to find a 1RM on Pause Front Squat
-then 10 Mins to perform 3 Drop Sets at 83% this week.
*You will pause 7 Seconds at the bottom of your front squat, stand and pause 15 Seconds at the top, then you can rack it. (This is a 22 Second Rep)
-Once you find your 1RM, you will then drop your weight to 83% of what you worked up to for the day and do 3 Drops sets of 3 Reps with the same tempo (These sets will be about 70 seconds each) Rest 2-3 Mins b/w drop sets

Buy In: 500m Row

then, 5 rounds of…
-3 Muscle Ups (Scale = 3 C2B Pullups)
-6 DB Renegade Row (30,15) (Row on both arms = 1 rep)
-9 T2B
-12 DB Lunges in place (30,15) (6 each leg alternating)

Wednesday 7/22

Strength: 2 Push Press + 3 Push Jerk (15 Mins)
*5 Sets to work up to a max on the complex for the day

WOD Teams of 2 – 1 person works at a time
20 Min AMRAP
-20 Burpees over bar
-20 Hang Power Clean & Jerks (115,75)
-4 Rope Climbs
-400m Run

Thursday 7/23

Strength: 3 Sec Pause Overhead Squat 5×3 – Pause 3 Seconds at bottom of your overhead squat. Work up to a 3rm for the day.
-Rest 2 Mins b/w sets


40 Wallballs (20,14)
400m Run
30 Wallballs
300m Run (200m + 100m)
20 Wallballs
200m Run
10 Wallballs
100m Run

Friday 7/24

Strength: Back Squat – 15 mins to find a true 10RM, then… (Try and get heavier than last week by 5-10lbs, this is the last week of 10 reps so try and PR)
1×10 @ 95% of your 10rm
1×10 @ 90% of your 10rm

*NO longer than a 1 second pause at the top to breathe and get tight between reps! Any longer rest than that and you are not finding a true 10rm… rest 2-3mins b/w sets

WOD For TIme

Run a 400m, then…

Perform 3 rounds of the following…
- 5 Strict Pull-Ups
- 10 Ball Slams

Run a 200m, then…

Perform 3 rounds of the following…
- 5 Strict Pull-Ups
- 10 Ball Slams
- 15 Double Unders

Then finish with a 100m Run


Saturday 7/25

Strength: 12 Mins to find a 1RM on Pause Front Squat
-then 10 Mins to perform 3 Drop Sets at 85% this week.
*You will pause 7 Seconds at the bottom of your front squat, stand and pause 15 Seconds at the top, then you can rack it. (This is a 22 Second Rep)
-Once you find your 1RM, you will then drop your weight to 85% of what you worked up to for the day and do 3 Drops sets of 3 Reps with the same tempo (These sets will be about 70 seconds each) Rest 2-3 Mins b/w drop sets

WOD 5 rounds for time
-1 Rope Climb
-10 WallBalls
-10 T2B
-100m Run


Sunday TBA


Monday 7/13

Warm up :  400m Row,  bear crawl, T-band,  Wall slides,  followed by Group mobility:  wrists, tricep roll and smash, Lat roll

Strength: Push Press 5×5

Strength Endurance: Push Press Max Effort Reps (-30% of 5rm)
*Take 30% off of whatever you got up to for your 5rm and perform 2 sets of Push Press for max reps. Take 90 Seconds rest between each set.

7min AMRAP
-7 Burpees
-7 T2B

Tuesday 7/14

Strength: Back Squat – 15 mins to find a true 10RM, then…
1×10 @ 95% of your 10rm
1×10 @ 90% of your 10rm

*NO longer than a 1 second pause at the top to breathe and get tight between reps! Any longer rest than that and you are not finding a true 10rm… rest 2-3mins b/w sets

Conditioner: For TIme
Buy In: 400m Sprint (This is a max effort sprint!)


6 Rounds
-4 Strict Pull-Ups
-8 Burpees
-12 Single Arm KB Swings (6 on Left arm and 6 on Right arm)

Wednesday 7/15

A1) Every 2 Mins for 16 Mins – 1 Push Press + 2 Push Jerks
*Find a Max on the complex for the day

A2)  15 Min EMOM
1st Min: Half Kneeling KB Strict Press x10-12 on Left Arm
2nd Min: Half Kneeling KB Strict Press x10-12 on Right Arm
3rd Min: 8-12 Push Ups

Conditioner: 9 Min AMRAP
-6 Ring Dips
-8 Shoulder 2 Overhead (135,95)
-10 Slam Balls (20,14)
-20 Double Unders

Thursday 7/16

Strength: 12 Mins to find a 1RM on Pause Front Squat
-then 10 Mins to perform 3 Drop Sets
*You will pause 7 Seconds at the bottom of your front squat, stand and pause 15 Seconds at the top, then you can rack it. (This is a 22 Second Rep)
Once you find your 1RM, you will then drop your weight to 80% of what you worked up to for the day and do 3 Drops sets of 3 Reps with the same tempo (These sets will be about 70 seconds each) Rest 2-3 Mins b/w drop sets

Conditioner: 5 Rounds (15min Cap)
-5 Power Clean (155,115)
-5 Pull Ups (any style)
-5 Deadlifts (155,115)
-5 T2B
-200m Run

Friday 7/18

Strength / Skill : Deficit HSPU / HSPU / Wallwalks / HandStand Hold / Push Up
* Pick a skill that most applies to you above and perform 5 Sets of 5 reps. Make it as challenging or easy as it takes to get 5 reps each round. (HS Hold = 30 Seconds)
-2 Mins Rest b/w sets

Conditioner: 2 Rounds  Max Reps at each station
*1 Min Work, 30 Seconds to rotate stations, Score is total reps of all stations.

-Push Press (95,65)
-Row (Calories)
-Double Unders
-KB Swings (Red Yellow)

Saturday 7/18

Partner WOD:  AMRAP 25 (Teams of 2)

50 Wall balls, (20/14)

40 KBS (70/53)


200m Run (each partner)



Sunday 7/19

Strength: Overhead Squat – 5×5
*20 Mins to find a 5rm for the day

-5 Deadlifts (225,155)
-10 Pull-Ups (any style as long as you don’t need a band)
-20 Double Unders

2 Mins Rest then…

-5 Burpee Over Bar
-10 T2B
-20 Double Unders



Monday 7/6,

Group warm: Athletes may stretch, roll, row, or jumprope until coach begins class.  Alternating tabata of air squat, burpee, pvc push press, PVC/unloaded bar hang power clean.  3 rounds

Skill:  15 min EMOM

Odd minute:  6 Hang Power Cleans

Even minutes:  6 Power Jerks (use a rack)

WOD:  3 rounds at each station, 1 minute work, 30 seconds rest

Row for calories, burpees for reps, 10 KBS plus 10 ring pushups or Dips, Bear crawl

Cash out

2 TGU, 4 Cossack lunges, 6 plyometric lunges for footwork


Tuesday 7/7

Skill :  15 Min EMOM:

1st Minute:  Max strict chin ups and weight if you can do more than 12orring rows (beginner only)

2nd Minute:  10 KTE or hanging knee raise

3rd Minute:  25 DUs or 50 singles

WOD:  Teams of 2,  1 works at a time, 20 minutes

10 Thrusters (115/75)

10 bar muscle ups/ CTB/ Band MUs

20 wall balls

Rope climb (use shorter rope only)

40DUs or 80 Singles

200m med ball run (only 1 ball per team)

You may break reps up within the set, use 2 bars if weights are different.  NO BAR DROPPING.  10 Burpee penalty for doing so.


Wednesday 7/8

Warm up:  Partner med ball toss x10, relay 100m run, then as a group 20s lunges, 20s burpee, 20s db push press, 20s kbs,  repeat 2x

Strength:  Front Squat

A.      5 sets of 5 reps, SIT at the bottom for count of 2. 

B.      Goblet squats for 3x10

Auxiliary strength:  3x10 banded lateral squats, no rest within a set (l/r)  --perform if you finish your squat set early.


10 ttb, 9 hang power cleans (95/135), 8 deadlifts (same), 7 Shoulder to OH (same), 6 burpee OTB

Cash out: 

Partner med ball toss.  50 passes.  They do not have to conform to any standard.


Thursday 7/9  BIKE NIGHT!!

Warm up:  Group: 30 kbs 20 Goblet squats, 20ap burpees, Do not move on to the next exercise until all athletes are done with it,  then:  1 arm OH kettlebell carries, focusing on good OH and wrist positioning

Get all equipment out and allow only 5 min rest between triplets

 For 10 minutes:
5 Deadlifts (60%), 10 1 arm OH situps, 10 kbs ah

For 12 minutes
DB strict press x5 heavy, 10 pull ups, 250 row

For 10 minutes
15 wall balls, 10 bent over row with DB or barbell (65/95 or pyow), 200m run

Equipment: barbell with weight on floor, pair db (heavy), kb, med ball


Friday 7/10

Warm up:  Move like a….bear, crab, frog, etc

Strength—pause Back squat (sorry) and EMOM

A1 3 Sec. Pause Back Squat x5.  Find a 5rm for the day A2 Max pull-ups (add weight if more than 5 reps).  This is a superset.


·         1st Minute:  Bulgarian Split squat:  short people use 2-45 plates, tall people use 3

·         2nd Minute:  Max effort ring row, elevate feet please.

WOD 15 MIN amrap

Working with a partner:  each patner perfoms ½ of the reps each round but pushes the sled together

12 HPC (135/95)

50 DUs

10 Strict CHIN ups (reverse grip)

Alley sled push down and back

Load drag sled with 3x45,  Load Prowler with 2x45,  Load Small Prowler with 2x45, plus 2x10


Saturday 7/11

For time
25x Handstand push-ups
25x Double unders
55x KB swings (72#/53#)
25x Double unders
25x Burpees
55x Push-ups
25x Pull-ups
25x Wall ball (20#)


Sunday 7/12

Strength:  Back Squat

A.      Warm up movement, then, in 3 sets find a 15 rep max

B.      Warm up movement, then, perform 5 sets of 8 reps for technique

WOD:  Teams of 2, 6 rounds each at

Athlete, 20 min time cap

5 Thrusters (65/95)  Scale to Push press

10 KBS (45/55)

100m Sprint (wall and back)

All movements are performed by first athlete, then second athlete.

THIS IS A SPRINT you can rest while your partner works.


Cash out:  25 partner burpees:  HI fives on the jump


Warm up:

400m Row, 10 banded squats, 10 ring rows,  T-band work and Group PVC mobility with wall slides

Skill Work:  Choose A or B depending on your level
A) 12 Min EMOM
-1st Min – 5 strict press ups, drop the bar down (practicing removing the negative aspect of the press)
-2nd Min – 5 Butterfly Pull Ups (if you cant butterfly then work on keeping your kip tight and precise, if you need a band then perform strict)
-3rd Min – 5 Box Jumps (30″,24″) Focus on maximum power and land as high and soft on the box as you can.

B) 12 Min pull ups skill work:  5 beat swings or 10 lat pulls on the bar, plank for reaminder of minute

20 Min AMRAP Teams of 2 – 1 person works at a time)
-10 Front Squats (165,115)
-10 Pull Ups
-10 Wallballs (20,14)
-2 wall walks
-100m Sprint Relay (Teammate 1 must run a 100m sprint when he/she comes back tag teammate 2 and then they will proceed to run the 100m sprint, once you have both completed the sprint you can go back to front squats)



Skill:  12 min EMOM

20DUs, 4 wall walks, 10 ttb or attempts



6x3 Push Press, 2 min rest.  80% all sets

Met Con:

3 rounds 200m Run, 21 KBS, 20 Twisters with KB


Strength:  Thrusters 15min

A.     Find 1 rm

B.     12 min EMOMx3

Met con: 15 min AMRAP

5 box jumps, 10push ups, 15 kbs (45/55), 200m run



Strength:  Kneeling KB presses (or DB)

4 sets: 12 reps each arm,  1 sec pause at top.. 90s rest between sets  NO movement in the body.

Met Con:  12 min AMRAP

10 kbs (35/45), 10 ring dips, 10 Push Press, 25 DUs



Strength:  Bulgarian Split squats, chin ups, lateral walks

Perform A1 and A2 as a superset, then perform B

A1 Rear leg elevated 4-8 inches (use plates).  6 reps each leg, 4 sets.  1 second pause at top and bottom.  Use KBs or DBs

A2 Max Chinups, unbroken, use bands so you can get 6-8 for 4 sets

 B Mini bandlateral walks,  3 sets of 10 steps each way.

Met con:  15 minute cap

400m Run, 10 med ball slams, 200m run 20 slams, 100m run 30 slams, 400m run

Cash out:  25 hanging knee raises


There will be one class at 10am.



Strength:15 EMOM

Odd minute:  6 hang power cleans

Even minute: 6 power jerks

Met con: 3 rounds, 1 minute work at each station/30s rest between

Row for calories, 10 kbs and 10 dips, 30ft bear crawl, sled push

Monday 2015 0622

·         1 Snatch balance 1 ohs10x2 to 3 reps, emom light weight. 60% ohs weight

·         21 15 9 pull up  push.up  OH sit up (35/45) front squat (65/95)


Tuesday 2015 0623

·         50 banded good mornings

·         Christine

Wednesday 2015 0624

·         Clean and Jerk 5x3 80% or 15 min technique practice

·         12 min amrap 10 kbs 10 burpees

Thursday 2015 0624

·         Bench. 3rm

·         Death by 10m

·         Cash out: side raise 5x5, bent over db row 5x8 oh sit up 5x10 perform as a circuit

Friday 2015 0626

·         Press 2x5 80%  2x3 85%

·         WOD:   Back Squat Max reps at 80%, 10 TTB, 200m run.  15 min AMRAP

Sunday 2015 0628

·       Minute 1-10to complete 1 mile run + Max Clean and Jerk at 135/95

·       Min 11-13 rest

·       Minute 13-20 800m run + max clean and Jerk at 135/95

·       Minutes 20-23 Rest

·       Minute 23-27 400m run + max clean and Jerk 135/95

Check-in torture for Mike and Kiersten


Monday 2015 0615

Press 5x5, 80%


Muscle up skill work

Athlete:  weight press as able, 


Tuesday 2015 0616

1 Snatch balance 10x1, emom

10  Power Snatch, 10 OHS, 200m run/row or 25 burpees 65/95, 3rft

Compare to 1/28/15

Athlete:  Weight as able,  WOD:  clean, OHS, burpee


Wednesday 2015 0617

Front Squat 5-5-5 @70%, 3-3 @75-80% 2 min starts

21-18-15-12-9-6 wall ball (14/20), deadlift (75/105), box jump (20/24)

Athlete:  May use a back squat,  WOD:  use KBS instead of deadlift


Thursday 2015 0618

Clean and Jerk 5x3 70%

6 sandbag get ups, 8 step ups, 200m run, all with bag. 3 rounds,

compare to 3/12

Athlete: Clean and jerk for technique practice sets of 3,  run with medicine ball or no weight


Friday 2015 0619

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3- sets start at 85% 3 mn starts

15 Burpee, 6 STS 200m run. rest 2 min between rounds, 5 rftt

Athlete:  Deadlift weighted as able, may use KB clean for STS



Saturday 2015 0620


Sunday 2015 0621

3 Back squats. BW, 10 kb snatch, 1 rope climb, 400m run 35/45 AMRAP 20

Athlete weight back squat as able,  perform 5 strict pull ups for rope climbs


Monday 2015 0608

Shoulder Press 5-3-2-1-1-1rm

BTN Jerk, hold position and correct feet,  5x3

5rft:  10 wall balls, 15 burpees, 20 alternating db cleans (ahap)

Tuesday 2015 0609

3 position clean, EMOM 12 min,  light weight. Focus on finishing the 2nd pull

Clean Pull Deadlift:   110% of clean5x4

AMRAP 7 :  10 deadlifts 135/195, 5 HSPU 25 DUs

Athlete:  weight as able,  perform pushups and Single unders


Wednesday 2015 0610

For 21 minutes:  E3MOM:  Bench 3r @ 80% and 20 DUs;  10 kbs and one rope climb, rest 1 minute

5 min max Burpee box jumps

Athlete:  perform floor press as able and single unders,  10 kbs and 1O hangaing leg raises, rest


Thursday 2015 0611

Skill work to include all movements

Complex:  (snatch deadlift, hang snatch, goodmorning, BTN PP to front rack ) for 3 sets

Between sets perform 5 push ups, 10 situps, 15 airsquats.

Work for 25 minutes

Athlete:  weight all movements as able, may pull from blocks


Friday 2015 0612

OHS 5x10,  lighter weight

Annie both ways

Athlete:  single unders, Annie one way, followed by 500m row


Saturday 2015 0613

16 TGU plus windmill

Row 1000m 10 kb snatch

Row 800m20 kb snatch

Row 400m30 kb snatch

100 kbs

Athlete may use a db, 50 kbs

Sunday 2015 0614

30 pull ups

Death by Thrusters

30 pull ups

Athlete:  15 pull ups , front squat to press db/bb, 15 pull ups.  This is a shoulder killer.




·        Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3

·        BTN Push Press x2 +  Snatch Balance

·        21-15-9 Box Jump, Push press

Spend remaining time stretching/rolling the shoulders. 




·        Power Snatch, Snatch Push press, OHS,  10x1, EMOM

·        Snatch Deadlift, @ 50%

·        20-15-10-5 Pull up, air squat.  Run 400m before and after couplet


·         Front Squat 5x5, 70%  2 min starts

·         Squat clean 3-3-3-3-3, add weight

·         25 in out tire flips

·         3 min max stone to shoulder

·         2k row for time

Athlete:  Front squat as able, 2 minute starts ; hang power clean, focus on catching the bar on your shoulders,  Clean drop.  1+1, 


Thursday 20150604

·         EMOM:  Mid hang snatch, hi hang snatch, snatch balance, Jerk dip, Jerk drop to split,

·         Baseline WOD


Friday 20150605

·         Deadlift3-3-3-3-3 , 2 minute starts(70% or better)

·         Circuit:  sled 2 inside passes or alley, 25 DUs, 10 Step ups ahap x10,  BB roll out x105 rounds, not for time



Tuesday 20150526

·         Press in split 5x5

·         EMOM 10:  2 power snatches from high hang—technique practice

·         WOD: 3 rounds for time: 3 power snatch  5 OH squat 10 Step up  400m run—65/95

·         Spend remaining time using lacrosse balls to roll the shoulders.

Athlete:  Technique practice:  power cleans;  WOD:  3 cleans, 5 front squats, 10 step ups, 400 row, weight as able

Wednesday 20150527

·         Jerk , 10x 2, EMOM add weight as able

·          EMOM 30: 2 wall walks, 3-5 dh pull ups, 4 ring push ups, 5 ring rows elevated feet, 6 kbs AHAP, 8 KTE

Athlete:    EMOM:   substitute a bear crawl for the wall walk,  20m


Thursday 20150528

·         SMR wall slides t spine roll out

·         50 banded goodmornings

·         OHS 5x5

·         Deadlifts 5-3-2-1-1-1rm

·         10 9-8-7-6-5 air squats 40m sprint

Athlete:  Weight all lifts as able,   Deadlifts 5x8 for technique 

Friday 20150529

·         EMOM 10 KBS, AHAP,  10 min

·         Work for 20 minutes:  2 clean deadlifts, 3 hang power clean, front squat, split jerk. Add weight as able.  NO BAR DROPPING

Athlete:  weight as able


·         AMRAP 15: 5 full cleans, 6 TTB, 7 push ups, 8 situps95/135

·         2 min amrap sts

Athlete:  weight  cleans as able

Sunday 20150531

·         200m run, 10 sandbag shoulder to shoulder pp, 15 bag squats, 5rft

·         Tabata planks 8 rounds each.

Athlete: use a medicine ball


·         Pendlay row x 5, Tire flip x 10, 10 minutes

·         Rest 5 min

·         Muscle snatch x5  OH stepping lunges x10, 7 min

·         100 sit ups

Athlete:   no change


Tuesday 20150519

Perform every 45s for 4 sets

·         1st pull--feet stay on the floor, pull to below knees

·         2nd minute: shrug pull from hang

·         3rd minute: 1st and 2nd pull

·         4th minute power clean

·         5th minute clean


WOD: 3rft 8 Clean and Jerk, 10 burpees over your bar

Athlete:  weight as able.  WOD:  power clean and press may be used , burpee as able


 Wednesday 20150520

·         EMOM 8 2 PP with unloaded bar, practice bringing bar down directly to rack

·         Push Press 5x5

·         10! RIng push up, ring row, elevated feet,  may wear weighted vest

·         Core circuit, 3 rounds 10 STability ball pikes, 15 OH situps, 10 RDL @ 70% 1rm DL , use hook grip

Athlete:  Weight push press as able,  No other change


Thursday 20150521

·         Burgener warm up

·         Find 1 rm clean 5-3-2-1-1-1.

·         tgu x 20 ahap

·         30-20-10 sandbag  powe clean, box jump

Athlete:  May substitute power clean,  and perform sandbag deadlift for clean


Friday  20150522                           

·         Clean and Jerk 5x 5 @ 70% Rest 2 minutes between sets

·         1 rope climb, 10kbs, 5 rounds, work with partner rest while partner works.

·         side planks:  1 min each side, rest 30s between sets.  4 sets.

Athlete:   Hang power clean and push press, weight as able, WOD:  5 strict pull ups, KBS,



Saturday  20150523

100 dus 40 kbs, 35 push ups, 30 air squats, 25 pull ups, 20 burpee box jumps 15 wall walks 10 MU, 400m run 10 MU 15 wall walks, 20 burpee box jumps, 25 pull ups, 30 air squats,35 push ups 40 kbs 100 DUs


Sunday 20150524

·         EMOM 12 kbs

·         5 min amrap 9 deadlift (bw) 6 HR pushups 3 burpee box jumps

·         5 min Rest then 4 min AMRAP 9 HR pushups, 6 burpee box jumps

4 min Rest then: 3 min AMRAP 3 Burpees,6 sit ups

Monday 20150511

·        Circuit: (ME strict hspu, 5 db strict press, ME pull ups, wide grip) x 5

·        400m forward run, 200m backward run, 50 partner ball tosses, 400m forward run, 200m run backward

Athlete:  HSPU are performed on a box, use ring rows to replace pull ups,  Run as able or use airdyne and rowers


Tuesday 20150512

·        Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 sets start at 80-85%, may add weight

·        Step ups 5x16, AHAP, may add each set

·        10-8-6-4-10-8-6-4... Power clean, pull up, sit up 8 min

Athlete:  Back squat 5x8 focus on your depth, not weight,  Step ups should be weighted as able.  WOD:  DB clean, ring row, sit up  10-8-6-4, etc. 


Wednesday 20150513

·        Burgener warm up as group

·        Push Jerks: 10x2, EMOM

·        3rft 15 Power cleans, 12 KTE, 400m run

·        Ab tabata, trainers choice

Athlete:  DB power clean, leg lifts from bar, row


Thursday 20150514

·        OHS 5x5, add weight from last time

·        split squat 4x8 each leg

·        21-15-9 twister (and 1 and 2...) OH sit up, wall ball

·        2k row or 1 mile run, if time


Athlete:  OHS/ split squat (may do front squat if needed) weight as able,



Friday 20150515


·        single leg bridges--tabata, 8 sets each leg

·        Deads 3-3-3-3-3 for 3rm for the day

·        ( Back squat x10, press x 10, 200 run front squat x10 press x 10 200m run, OHSx 10 200m run ) repeat this 3 times, or for 20 minutes, 65/95

Athlete:  Weight as able,  use rower or airdyne (1:30 timed)



EMOM or so!

·        Bench x3

·        ME pull ups weight if able

·        STS x4

·        Sled push down alley

·        Farmer carry back (kb)

·        GHD x10

·        2 TGU

Monday 20150504

·         Back squat 5x3 80-85%

·         Circuit 3 sets: Pendlay row 3x8, tircep push up 3x20, TGU x4  AHAP

·         10! KTE, BB rollout

Athlete:  Back squat 5x8,  Circuit:  weight as able,  WOD:  10! V up, BB rollout, then 3x20 Lat pull down


Tuesday 20150505

Burgener warm up and skill transfer set


·        1st pull--feet stay on the floor, pull to below knees

·        2nd minute: shrug pull from hang

·        3rd minute: 1st and 2nd pull

·        4th minute power snatch

·        5th minute snatch

Athlete may choose to use clean grip instead of snatch grip.


Wednesday 20150506

·        Burgener Group warm up

·        EMOM 12 @ 1 Clean and Jerk, adding weight as able

·        5xME pull ups, 90s rest

·        5 Thrusters 95/135) 100m Sprint x 5,  rest 1 minute between rounds

Athlete:  may substitute ME ring rows plus 10 Lat pulls,  WOD:  10 Push press, 200m row, 4 rounds, rest as long as you work.  Take your rower outside!

Thursday 20150507

·        50 kbs AHAP

·        Deadlift: 5@60% 3@70% 2@80%

·        1x8 E2MOM 1 DL 90%,

·        10 Sandbag get ups, 10 step ups, 400m run with the fucking bag. 3 rounds

Athlete:  all deadlifts should be weighted as able.  WOD:  6 TGU, 10 step ups with Barbell, 400 m run or row.  May carry something.

Friday 20150508

·        Bench 5x5

 ·        strict DB press 5-5-5-5-5

        21-15-9-15-21 box jump, wall ball, farmer carry between rounds 50 yards, 25# pinch grip plates

 Athlete:  All weights as able.  WOD:  21-15-9 of same exercises


Saturday 20150509

5 min AMRAPS

·        10 kbs, 10 Burpees

·        10 box jumps, 15 situps

·        5 pull ups, 15 ball slams

·        5 power cleans, 10 air squats

Athlete:  PYOW.  For power cleans, coach will choose a specific piece of Burgener warm up for athlete to follow.


Sunday 20150510

 ·        10! Ring rows, HSPU

·        10! clean hi pull, front squat (55/75)

·        Planks 1 min each, 30s rest, 35/45

 Athlete:  any push up variation is acceptable,  otherwise weight as able.

20150427 Monday

Bench 5-5-5-5-5 find 5rm

10x2 KB or DB press,  EMOM

AMRAP 8:  10 power cleans (95/135) 8 wall balls, 6 KTE

Athlete:  Bench:  load as able,  DB press:  perform seated,  AMRAPsub tuck crunch for KTE

20150428 Tuesday

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 sets begin when 85% 1rm has been loaded on the bar

Split Squat 4x8, each leg

25 KBS (45/55), 15 HSPU, 10 Twisters 400m run, 4rft

Athlete:  Deadlift 5x8, load as able,  Split squat load as able,  WOD:  25 kbs, 15 push ups as able, 10 twisters, 400m row

20150429 Wednesday

Pull up Dip Complex:  6 sets of 5 reps, changing hand position each set,  use weight if able

1000m Row, 50 thrusters, 30 Pull ups, 2rft

Athlete:  Make note of modifications,  WOD:  3 rft:  500m row, 25 thrusters, 15 ring rows

20150430 Thursday

OHS 5x5

EMOM 25:   8 Pendlay Row ,  5 tire flips,  1min DUs, 1 min HS holds, 4 STS

Athlete: OHS weight as able.  EMOM:  8 Rows, 5 tire flips, 1 min SU/DU practice, 1 min inverted hold, 4 sts (use med ball or kb)

20150501 Friday

Push Press in split 5x5,  70% 1rm

50 Partner med ball situps

21-15-9 Air squat, pull up, burpee

Athlete:  Push Pressin Jerk weight as able, No other changes

201502 Saturday

Partner workout A:  6 total rounds:  1 rope climb, 10 situps, 15 wall balls.  One partner completes round while the other rests.  Partner with heavier back squat goes first. 

Athlete:  may use pull ups instead of rope climbs,

Partner workout B for time 200 total reps:  10 KBs (35/45) 10 burpees.  Each partner performs 1 round and then switches.

Athlete:  weight KBS as able


20150503 Sunday

5 rounds for time:  6sts, 1 pinch grip farmer carry (AHAP), Sled push down and back (90/130)

25 in out tire flips

2 min ME ball slam

Monday 20150420

1.     Back squat 5-5-3-3-3, begin sets at 80%, increasing weight each set

2.       amrap working for 20 minutes: Deadlift, hang clean, push jerk, Back squat, push jerk, set bar down.
Increase weight every 3 sets

Athlete:  Back squat, 5x8 ;  AMRAP:  deadlift, hang clean, push press, back squat, rerack.  Load as able.

Tuesday 20150421

1.     Handstand holds.  6 sets of 30s each

2.     30s Plank, KB OH carry 20m x 6

3.     OHS 5x5,  75-85%

4.       200m run, 12ctb, 10burpee 12 min AMRAP

Athlete:  1.  Hold an inverted position,  2. Plank and OH carry no change   3. OHS 5x8, weight as able4.  200m Row, 12 pullups or ring rows, 10 burpees

Wednesday 20150422

Snatch work

EMOM:  1st pull--feet stay on the floor, pull to below knees,  2nd minute: shrug pull from hang3rd minute: 1st and 2nd pull4th minute power snatch5th minute snatch

Athletes will complete work with clean positioning

 Thursday 20150423

1.     Bridge: single leg 30s

2.     Deadlift 5-5-3-3-3-start at 75-80% and add weight each set

3.     5 snatches, 10 burpee box jumps, 15 DUS 15 min amrap

Athlete:  1.   No change2.  Deadlift 5x8 weight as able,  3.  5 cleans, 10 burpees, 10 box jumps, 30 SU,

Friday 20150424

1.     t-band wam up

2.     10x2 Light clean and jerkEMOM

3.     Grace (95/135)

4.     Mobility

5.     1 mile run

 Athlete:  no change, Grace weighted as able

 Saturday 20150425

 5 min AMRAPS

1.     10kbs, 10 burpees

2.     Box jumps, sit ups

3.     Pull ups, ball slams

4.     Power cleans, wall ball

Sunday 20150426

1.     Dodgeball warm up

2.     Push Press 5x5, 75-80%

3.     DB Front raise 5x5

4.     Partner WOD:  One partner finishes triplet while the other rests: 21 air squats, 15 situps, 9 pull ups,  4 rounds each partner

Monday 20150413

EMOM kbs, plank (finish minute with plank)

Goodmornings:  build each set to heavy set of 5.  (12 minutes)  SMR while resting.

WOD:  20 wall balls, 10 Box Jumps, 5 muscle ups, 3RFT

Athlete:  Goodmornings sets of 8, weight as able.  WOD:  20 wall balls, 10 jumps, 5 ring rows or transitions

Tuesday 20150414

Push Press 5-3-2-1-1-1rm

Pull up Dip Complex for time 6 sets of 5 pull ups and 5 dips (weight if able)  Hand position changes with each set of pull ups

WOD 1:   21-15-9 box jump/thruster (45/35)  5 min cap

WOD 2:   50 burpees for time

Athlete:  Press find 1rm,  Pull up/Ring push up combo,  WOD1:  box height as able, thruster weight as able.  WOD2:  AMRAP burpees up to 50

Wednesday 20150415

Front squat 6x4, 80% or find new 1rm

For 25 minutes, EMOM:  Snatch first pull x 5  (NOT DEADLIFT),  Wall Ball 1 min unbroken,  Handstand hold or HSPU practice,  Bottom half of press (dropping the bar safely), 150-200m

Athlete:  Front squat:  5x8 or 1rm,  EMOM no change

Thursday 20150416

Push Jerks:  10x2, EMOM

Run 400m 5 pull ups, 5 strict HSPU Run 200m 10 burpees4 rounds

Athlete:  Substitute row

Friday  20150417

1-2-3-4-5-6-7…/ 2-4-6-8-10-12-14 reps of deadlifts 155/225 (any style)/KBS (35/45) 8 min cap

20 TGU plus windmill (weight as you are able today)

Athlete:  Weight as able,  Perform bottom half of TGU


“Love me some Lurong”

10-8-6-4-2 Hang power cleans (95/135) Sprint 20-40-60-80-100m

Tabata row

Split into 2 groups, alternate workouts

Athlete: weight hpc as able

Sunday 20150419

Filthy fifty

Monday 20150406

·         Zercher Squat 5x5 80% or more of front squat weight

·         Circuit4 sets Not for time:  RDLx10,  Ring row x10, Hip Extension (GHD) x10 with plate, Handstand pushup x5

·         WOD:  800m run. Then with a partner 10 wall balls/ 5 burpees,  one partner works, the other rests.  For 7minutes 800m run

Athlete:   Hip extension performed without weight or perform a superman hold for 30s.  WOD: 800m Row


Tuesday 20150407

·         Baseline WOD

·         Deadlift

·         WOD:  Sled push 20m inside unloaded, 40m outside loaded,  Farmer carry to wall and back AHAP, 10 dips,  3 rounds for time.

·         20 half moons

Athlete:  Deads 5x8 or 1rm


Wednesday 20150408

·         Blackjack style:  Kbs + lunges.   r+l lunge = 1KB weight is AHAP or doubles

·         EMOM:  skill work:  pistols, shrug pull, HSPU, STS, beat swing


Thursday 20150409

·         Shoulder slides and T band work

·         Strict Press EMOM 3 reps, build weight

·         3x8 side raise 3x8 Front Raise

·         Nancy

·         30 1 arm oh sit ups with a dumbbell

Athlete:  Nancy weight as able


Friday 20150410

40s work, 40s Rest:  4 rounds

·         Clean, 95/135

·         Burpee

·         Wall ball

·         DUs

Skill:  HSPU hand positioning

Saturday 20150411

Bench 5x5


Sunday:  20150412

Box Squat:  5x5

10x10, EMOM Banded KB swings

21-15-9 Thruster 35/45 Box jump 20/245 min cap.


Monday 20150330

Back Squat 5x5, sets start when you have 80% on your bar.  All others are warm ups.

10x5 clean pulls (shrug) with bar

WOD:  5 clean and Jerk, 100m Sprint x5, 2 min rest between sets  95/135

Tabata planks—use weight on the bridge and hover planks.


Tuesday 20150331

3-5-7-9-7-5-3  Clean (full squat)/KBS  105/145  55/70 (or more)  

Circuit:  DB press x5 Pull up x5, Ring row (as horizontal as possible or elevated) for 5 sets.


Wednesday 20150401

Snatch instruction 20 minutes, possible new 1 rm

WOD:  Max effort reps of:  box jumps, pushups, wall ball, side plank holding db.  4 rounds for total reps

5x8 front and side raises. 


Thursday 20150402

Box squat:  Wide and below parallel.  Every 30s  2 reps at 50% 1rm back squat for 10 sets

Deadlift:   3 reps at 60% ,  every 30s for 12 sets  Pull these like you have your 1rm on the bar.

WOD:  21-15-9 Goblet squat (35/55)  KBS  weighted sit up.  

Max effort handstand holds for 5 sets.


Friday 20150403

EMOM 2 Thrusters 65/95

 WOD: 10!  HSPU/ ring row

5x10 snatch hi pulls with bar 

Skill practice of choice


Saturday 20150404

EMOM 8: 10 KBS
Deadlift: Set new 1rm
Weighting as able working with a partner: 2 Front squats, 2 back squats 2 stepping lunges Partners take turns, aim for 1 complex for each partner, each minute. Work for 20 minutes. 


Sunday 20150405

Closed for Easter.  Check website for any changes

Warm up:  3rounds of:  Set a clock for 10 minutes:   200m run, 10 pushups, 10 slow banded squats, 5 pull ups. Group  T-band warm up for shoulders,  hip openers.  

March 16

EMOM 12 KBS ahap

Sumo Deadlift : 2-2-2-2-2-2

Morning classes:  12x1 EMOM: sled push across, sprint back  10 x1 :  5 sets  ME plank 45/55

Evening:  6 rounds: Start with sled (loaded) at far end of alley and push to near end, continue sprint to fence.   Perform ME Plank with 45/55# plate before next sprint. 

Non runners:  Sled push and 250m rower sprint, ME plank weight as able

March 17

5x5 strict press and strict pull up—70%, for time (superset)

WOD:  400m run 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 HSPU, back squat 45/65 400m run

Spend time rolling 

March 18

Wall slides, T-spine roll out, Theraband warm up

Push press set new 1rm

5x8 db press, seated

E2MOM  12 min:  30 DUs and amrap GTO

800m run

March 19

Back squat set new 1rm

Step ups  5x16 Choose weight you can finish all reps with.  

WOD:   3 roundds  for time 15 Power clean 20 box jump.  Perform  a max effort weighted plank at the beginning of each round:  45/55

March 20


March 21

400m run,  max effort  bw deadlift,  max effort pull ups, start with strict finish with kips: 4 rounds, not for time.  Rest as needed between rounds


March 22

AMRAP: 25  30 tgu,30 Stone to shoulder, 30 HSPU.  Every 2 minutes perform 30 DUs.  Work for 25 minutes.


March 9

  • 400m run 50 KB swings, 35/45 400m run

  • Deficit Deadlift

  • 5rft:  5 squat clean, 10 TTB, 25 box jumps (95/135)

March 10

  • Presses in stepping lunge x 20

  • Burgener warm up and skill transfer set

  • 20 min AMRAP:  500m row 3 Rope climbs, 15 power snatch, (65/95)

March 11

  • Shoulder Maintenance Routine:  5x10 of external rotation,

  • Push press  10x2, EMOM  75%+

  • 21-15-9 Wall ball, ring dip, KBS

March 12

  • Box squat EMOM 3 reps, hips below parallel, wide stance  10 minutes

  • Jerk Balance.   10x2 EMOM,  begin sets at 60% 1rm jerk

  • 3 rounds for time:  10 in out tire flips, 12 jumping lunges,  14 kb clean (45/55)

March 13


March 14

Cards:  4 rounds:  perform each round in this order

  • hearts:  pull ups

  • diamonds:  Push press

  • Clubs:  KBS

  • Spades:  OH walking lunges with plate

  • Weather permitting:  800m run before and after wod


March 15  Beware the Ides of March

  • 30 TGu and windmill

  • 30 STS

  • 30 HSPU

Set clock for E2MOM.  When clock beeps perform 30 DUs and then continue your exercise.  If in the middle of a TGU,  finish it before DUs


Warm up:  250m row,  (20 bear crawl steps, 20 stationary OH lunges,  Max effort pull ups) 2x , HS holds,   Group Mobility:  Trainers Choice as appropriate to the workout.  Total time should not exceed 10 minutes.  Final warm up will be done in the group and specific warm up.  

Monday Feb 23

  • Specific warm up:  may be done in mobility circle:  25 barbell goodmornings, unloaded,  

  • Box Squats 5x5,  sets begin at 70% 1rm back squat,  

  • 15 min  AMRAP Deadlift to hang Power clean, 4 stepping lunges, 3 push jerk LOWER BAR  95/135

  • 25 BB roll outs


  • Specific warm up:  Burgener warm up 5 minutes (35/45)

  • Push press 6x3 80%

  • EMOM: 15-20 1 snatch deadlift, hang power snatch, OHS, back squat, back thruster (that means you'll squat 2x)

  • 25 stability ball pikes and balance.

Wednesday Feb 25

  • Specific warm up:  tricep push up and floor press instruction

  • 10!  Ring push up, ring row  (7 min cap)

  • WOD: 10kb floor press (load as able--you will see this again so take note of weight), 10 Barbell roll out, row 400m, 5 sets


Thursday 2/26

  • BAck squat  5x3 @85%

  • partners: amrap stone to shoulder 8 minutes, ygig (you can use different stones)

  • 22-16-10  RDL, push press, bb step ups in back rack, (65/95) (thigh parallel on box)

Friday 2/27

  • OHS 15 min to find 1rm

  • a1) 8 goblet squats (ahap)  a2) 10 beat swings a3) GHD x10-5 sets

  • 21-15-9 hang power cleans(65/95), pull ups, kbs (35/45)


Saturday Feb 2/28

Death by 10m



Sunday March 1

Circuit 3 sets:

a1)20m sled push

a2) max effort ring row, get as horizontal as possible

a3) weighted plank 1 minute

a4) 15 banded pull aparts

Partner/team Angie  YGIG,  finish one exercise before moving on to the next.

If you have a 3 person team, add 100 45/55# kbs


Monday February 16

  • 50 Banded goodmornings, 50 KBS

  • Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3, sets do not start until you have 85% on your bar

  • 3 unbroken power snatch/burpee add 3 burpees each round:  (3 snatch/3 burpee, 3 snatch/6 burpee, etc)  95/135

  • 20 windmills (weight as able)

Tuesday February 17

  • Mobility: hamstring stretch/ hip mobility/push jerk footwork

  • 25 slow banded goodmornings

  • Box Squats 5x5,  75% 1rm.  You may add weight.  

  • Power clean, 2 stepping lunges, 3 jerks  LOWER THE BAR Work for 15 minutes

  • 25 BB roll outs

Wednesday February 18

  • Push press 3-3-3-3-3 Sets start when you have warmed up to 80% 1rm, add weight each set

  • 3 sets: 200m Row 1 minute plank, 200m Row 1 min bridge on tire, 200m Row Side plank 1 min, 200m Row, 1 min side plank

Thursday February 19

  • Burgener Warm up

  • EMOM 10:  Snatch balance 2 reps

  • 5 rounds: 10 sand bag sit ups 8 Sandbag ground to shoulder, 6 alt step ups 20/24. This can be done with a kettlebell:  sub ground to shoulder with a kettlebell dead clean (55/70)

Friday February 20

  • 5 pull ups/5 dips 6 sets, changing grip of pull up each time This is for time

  • Jerk Drops: keep back foot planted, move front foot out: 5x5  Bar stays just above head.

  • 8 KB thrusters, 8 pull ups, 8 minutes

Saturday February 21

  • EMOM 10 KBS 10 reps

  • Christine

Sunday February 22

  • Accumulate 5 minutes of wall sit, 6 minutes plank, 7 min HS holds

  • 2000m partner row, 150m each, while partner holds 145/200 deadlift DO NOT LEAN BACK

Monday 2/9

  • EMOM: 10, 5 beat swing, hip bridge w weight

  • Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3 85% or add

  • WOD: 11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-GTO, ctb pull ups, kb swings (70/55), 1 wall walk after each round ( GTO: 65/95 barbell or use a sandbag)


Tuesday 2/10

  • EMOM:  2 Push Press @80% work up

  • WOD: 21-15-9-15-21 Power Cleans 135/95 wall balls. After each set do 40 DUs

  • Cash out:  tabata planks (trainer’s choice)

Wednesday 2/11

  • EMOM 8: double kb swings, or banded kb swings

  • Good mornings work up to heavy 5rm

  • Skill work:  OHS positioning, SMR of wrists

  • 10 TGU + windmill  (35/45) 21-15-9 OHS (65/95), Box jumps (20-24), sit ups (65/95) 10 TGU+ windmill

Thursday 2/12

  • skill: air squat, push up

  • 10 min amrap:  15 reps each of: air squats, push ups, vups,wall balls 15 each,

  • For time:  50 kbs, 50 walking lunges, 50 hollow rocks, 50 superman

  • AMRAP 3: burpee

Friday 2/13

  • 2000m partner row, switch every 200m --AHardAP, while you wait--2 light squat cleans 50-60% for technique

  • 9-7-5-3-1 Squat Clean Thruster, pull up (95/135)

Saturday 2/14

  • Kiana:  2 squat cleans 15 push ups 99 double unders 12 sit ups 23 dead lifts 13 box jumps. rxd 185/125 30/24


  • Snatch ladder, EMOM 10,1 rep add weight

  • 10 thrusters, 10 burpee box jumps, 10 min amrap  (65/95)

  • 25 Barbell rollouts

Sunday February 1

1 round Cindy, 1 Snatch, 1 round, 2 snatch etc…

Monday February 2

Deadlift sumo 4-4-4-4-4 work up , start at 80%

KB circuit: : 5 rounds of: 5 snatches each arm. OH carry down and back, 10 kbs, 10 Goblet squats, AHAP  

WOD:   5 PP/ 10 step up 10 minutes: 65/95

Tuesday February 3

5x3 at 75% focus on depth. back squat

20TGU, 50 twister 20 HSPU, 50 vups, 20 cal row, 50 wall balls, 20 MU/transitions 50 box jumps

Wednesday Feb 4

Push Jerk EMOM 10; 3 reps, work up

15 reps, set clock for emom, they follow if they can, otherwise own pace:   Complex to be performed inside 1 minute: snatch deadlift x 4, wide bent over row x 3, hi hang power snatch x 2, bar to hips and lower to floor

Thursday Feb 5

Box squat--narrow/ parallel 50% rm back squat, EMOM 3 reps, 10 minutes

OHS 3rm 15 min

5 rounds:  25 kbs, 15 burpees, 250 row rest as long as you work.

Friday Feb 6

Burgener warm up with barbell

EMOM 25: snatch balance, Jerk drops, snatch 1st pull, Hi hang clean, 1 min DUs

Saturday Feb 7


Core:  25 Stability Ball KTE,  25 Pikes,  tabata side planks

Sunday Feb 8

All the girls:  Find a Partner (or a team) and in YGIG fashion:

Grace, Fran, Elizabeth, Isabel, Nancy, Annie.


January 25

Bench press 3rm

10! ring row, ring push up with vest

15 minute 5x Press @50%, 5x Box jump, 5x manmaker row

January 26

EMOM 10:  unloaded 3 position clean

Complex: clean from 3 positions, 3 push press, 3 goodmornings, back jerk to hips--NOT a drop, bring the bar back to your hips and set it down.  Rest as needed between sets,  Work for 20 minutes. 95/135

Each time you drop the bar you must perform 5 wall balls.  

January 27

5 sets of Max Effort handstand hold, 2 TGU between sets, 1 each arm.  As heavy as possible.  

Shoulder maintenance:  5x8 OH extensions, 5x8 side raises. Perform as a superset

WOD: AMRAP 10:  10 twisters (and 1 and 2) , 10 med ball cleans, 10 wall balls.  Dropping of the med ball will earn you 5 burpees

Post wod:  ankle mobility

January 28

Shoulder work:  20x band pull aparts (external rotation) + 10 PVC OH squat facing the wall.  3 sets

Snatch Ladder:  2 reps EMOM for 12 minutes, adding as you are able.  Please start with a challenging weight.  

WOD: 3RFT:  10 Snatch (all the way down), 10 Goodmornings, 200m Run/Row 65/95

January 29

Front Squat:  3x4 @ 80%, 2x4@85 or better.  Use a wide stance

10 sets:  1 rope climb and 2 TGU.  Try to get this done every 90s

WOD:  6 rounds for time:  6 front Rack Stepping Lunges, 5 power clean and jerk, 20 bar hop overs (total)  

January 30

15 minutes to find 1rm thruster

Every 90s:  3 Thrusters  @60% new 1rm, 4 power cleans, 5 Burpees over the bar and back.  

Commando Crawl:  20m


January 31

2k row for time


Choose 5 that you need to work on.  Be honest with yourself  

TTB 5 strict reps—for shoulder strength

HSPU 5 reps, --for skill work and technique

Goblet squat 8 reps—good for hip mobility and deep squats

Burpee 10 reps, --for cardio

KB snatch 20 reps, for technique

Stone to shoulder 2 reps—for technique

Rope climb (1)—for technique

Box jump for max height—for the daredevil

OHS with weight of choice 5 reps—for shoulder mobility

Got something else you want to work on?  Ask.  It’s that simple.  


January 18

EMOM 45 minutes:

  • 10 power snatch

  • 10 burpee

  • 1 extra heavy Stone to Shoulder

  • 10 ttb

  • 10 box jumps

  • 1 wall walk and hold

January 19

EMOM 10 kbs, alternate one regular, one heavy

Deadlift 5x4 @80%

5 in out tire flips, 10 burpee to 45# plate  LATERAL jump over, 10 TTB 12 min amrap

January 20

5x 30s Hand stand holds/walks

Push press 5x4, 80%

EMOM 20 :  side raisex10 and plank hold, ring dips with external rotation, Wide grip bent over row, OH stepping or walking barbell lunges

1 min clean, 1 minute rest x5

January 21

Front Pause Squats:  (32X3)

5x5 DB/KB presses, add weight each set,  glute bridge hold with head elevated 1 minute between sets

10 Sandbag cleans, 8 Zercher rack sandbag lunges, 6 burpee box jumps

January 22:

10 minute circuit:  12 external rotation pull aparts, 1 min spinal balace each side, 10 banded goodmornings.  

Clean Ladder:  3@ 70%,  2@ 80%, 1 @90%  90s starts.  5 sets.

Baseline WOD

January 23

Dymanic Deads:  10 sets,  Perform 3 @ 50% every 30s.

3 rounds, 12 min cap:  5 snatch hi pulls @ 100% of your snatch, 10 ring pushups, 10 goblet squats, ahap

15-9-6-9-15 reps of power snatch/wall ball  75/125

January 24

3- 10 min amrap: A: sled push across and back or 30m outside, db ppx 5 B: KB swing x10 , burpee x10 C: Box jump x5 sit upx


January 12
Back Squat 15 min to test 1rm
Step ups 5x8 each leg,-tell them to make notes here!! How much and how high is the box—it should be getting higher or heavier.
10! power cleans 95/135, bupree over the bar,

January 13
10 knee jumps, 30s hs hold 3 rounds
EMOM 10: 2 push jerks (sets start at 80% adding as able)
5 rounds for max reps: pull ups, power clean 95/135 there is no time component to this workout

January 14
Burgener warm up 1 round pvc, 3 rounds with bar
OHS prep/wall slides/mobility as a group
EMOM use one bar. 3 reps of each: Deficit deadlift QUIETLY, snatch hi pull, power snatch, OHS, 25 DUs—weight selection will depend on weakness. 

January 15
50 banded goodmornings
Dynamic box squats at 60% 1rm back squat 2 squats every 30s or ladders---Knees stay right over top of the ankles (shins vertical)
5 pull ups, 15 tricep push ups, 15 kbs for 10 min AMRAP
Core: tabata side planks, ring hip drops. (athlete holds ring or trx OH facing sideways and allows the body to side bend away from rig, using obliques to return to start.  

January 16
EMOM 8, 10 kbs
Deficit deadlift 5x5 75% reg deadlift
At a steady pace: 3 power cleans 1 front squat + jerk, 20 minutes or so.

January 17
Partners: 3 sets each: A wall squat hold/250 row B plank hold/25 kbs C front rack bottom hold/ 25 sit ups. Max effort HS hold or 1 min/ burpees

Athlete WODs
January 12
Back squat 5x8 for technique or 1rm
Step ups 5x8 each leg,
10! power cleans, bar facing burpees

January 13
10 drop squats with bar in back rack, 30s knees on box upside down holds/30s headstand.  
EMOM 10: 2 push jerks (sets are weighted as able)
3-5 rounds for max reps: ring row, 1 minute hang power clean

January 14
Burgener warm up 1 round pvc, 3 rounds with bar
OHS prep/wall slides/mobility as a group
EMOM use one bar. 3 reps of each: deadlift QUIETLY, 10 kbs, 3 hang power clean , front squat, 25 SUs or 10 walking lunges

January 15
50 banded goodmornings
Dynamic box squats at 60% 1rm back squat 2 squats every 30s or ladders
5 pull ups, 15 tricep push ups, 15 kbs 3-5 rounds for time
Core: tabata side planks, ring hip drops.

January 16
EMOM 8, 10 kbs
Deficit deadlift 5x5 75% reg deadlift
At a steady pace: 3 power cleans 1 front squat + push press, 20 minutes or so. 

January 17
Partners: 3 sets each: A wall squat hold/250 row B plank hold/25 kbs C front rack bottom hold/ 25 sit ups. Max effort HS hold or 1 min/ burpees

Monday  1/5

Standard warm up:  400 m row, 20m bear crawl, 20 presses (of choice), 20 spiderman lunges, then:  5 drop squats (coach foot position)  ME DH pull-ups x3.

Specific warm up:  20m OH carry and 30s hs hold x3

Skill:  Squats. Circle up and drop it! Check knee/toe/hip alignment, chest up etc

WOD:  for 4 sets:  1 minute rounds of: bottom squat active hold, Jerk to OH hold, plank, bb bridge, chin otb holds, rest. 1 min work 20s transition

Core:  25 Walking twisting lunges with a bb or weight.  

Athlete Changes:  OH carry/ OH hold; WOD:  chin otb hold=1 min ring rows

Tuesday 1/6

Standard warm up

Specific warm up: Burgener warm up using unloaded bar

Strength: Zercher squat 5x5 sets start at 80%  add as able ( WRITE IT DOWN:  5@125 5@130 5@ 135 5@140 4@145 1@145 fail )

WOD:  21-15-9 wall ball 14/20 Power clean 95/135  

Athlete changes:  Strength 5x10 zercher or Front squats for technique or 1rm,  WOD:  hang power clean

If very new:  10 wall balls and 10 HPC for 3-5 sets


Standard warm up

Specific warm up:  10 TGU  watch OH position closely

Skill:  KB snatch:  athletes face wall shrug. Zip, and punch

WOD 1:  AMRAP 7:  AMERICAN swing (35/55) x15. Front rack  stepping lunge  x10 Alternate racks each         round

WOD 2:  AMRAP 7:  10 slash and halo,  snatch ( either 5 and 5 or alternate arms each round) 35/55

Athlete:   Russian KBS / 20 unweighted stepping lunges;  10 slash and halo OR /10 goblet squats


Standard Warm up

Specific warm up:   BTN press to hold 10-15 reps, wall slides

Skill: OH squat

Strength:  OHS  15 minutes to establish a 1rm

WOD:  21 unbroken thrusters then:  50 KBS (Russian) 70/55, 40 Burpees, 30 TTB, 20 TGU, 10 strict HSPU

Athlete:  OHS technique practice 5x10  WOD:  21 PP, 50 kbs, 40 burpees, 30 v ups OR tuck jumps, get

ups with object, 10 push ups  Athletes may choose any order.  Performace may NOT


Standard warm up

Specific warm up:  BTN Push press 10 with pvc, then adding as able.

Strength:  Complex:  BTN Press in snatch, BTN PJ in snatch, Snatch Balance 15 Reps EMOM 1 rep

WOD: 3 rounds  10 Penday row (65/95), max effort unbroken triceps elbows tight—use a wall if you have to Push ups,  20 box jumps

Athlete:  Complex:  use PVC for mobility:  btn press, btn pp, ohs

Tabata row if time—RECORD YOUR DISTANCE


Partners: 3 sets each:  A wall squat hold/250 row  B plank hold/25 kbs  C  front rack bottom hold/ 25 sit ups.   Max effort HS hold or 1 min/ burpees

Sunday:  Mike’s Class, so something nasty.